Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review

On 15 June Yoast SEO 3.3 version has been released with its new SEO features. I’m in love with this plugin because it has fantabulous features and keep me up to date with SEO strategies. Recently I also written an absolute review on Yoast SEO 3.2 with its highlighted features. But this times, it comes with really with new prominent features. I think you will be definitely excited and curious to learn about Yoast SEO 3.3 features review.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review:

Today I got an update notification in my WordPress dashboard about Yoast SEO. So that was really amazing for me to learn something new especially about SEO because this times rumour has been converted into reality. I listed about it but not clearly sure about it but that makes my doubt clear and happy with its new features. Let’s see it features and their advantages from Seo perspective.

Quality Content Checks:

Content checks make sure that, is your content is readable for your users. Your content sentence should be concise in length and these checks also make sure that how much passive voice and transition words ratio exist in the written paragraph. If the ratio exceed the maximum threshold then Yoast Seo plugin will indicate you about these issues through these checks.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Content Checks

The advantage of these checks is that, that will make your content in proper readable form as it should be.

Highlight Content Checks:

Yoast team also embed this feature in this new version, which shows the highlight icon if there is any problem exist in your content. Simply press that highlight icon, and it will show the actual problem related to this particular sentence.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Highlighted Content ChecksThis features will improve your content optimization as well as give a proper shape to your content.

Knowledge base Search Section:

I think that is the better way for new starters to learn how to set up Yoast SEO. This new features is embed on Yoast SEO dashboard before the general tab. There you will find a Help Center with question mark icon, after click on it knowledge base will drop down.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Knowledge Base

Over-there you can browse their written articles regarding to your issues and also can learn about this finest plugin settings aspects.

Notifications Revamped:

They revamped their notification interface. Under the Yoast Dashboard, you will be able to clearly see individual notification sections. If Yoast found anything creating frustration in your  On-Page Seo then they will put that notification over this section, then you can manually review or resolve this issue as early as possible.

Yoast SEO 3.3 Features Review Notifications revamped

These little changes behind your WordPress makes your blog more superior in search engine.

This article approximately covered all the new features, which has been done in Yoast SEO 3.3 version. Hope these changes will give a better way to your blogging journey. Let me know, if you found this article valuable, conversely if you have any queries regarding Seo so join us on our community forum or can put your comment below this article.

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