Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features

As you will be familiar with Yoast SEO Services since many old times, day by day Yoast team improve his WordPress plugin. On 12 August Yoast were updated his WordPress plugin to Yoast SEO 2.3 version. This time Yoast Seo 3.0 comes with some creative additional features, on which we will discuss here comprehensively.

Yoast SEO 3.0 New Features:

This time Yoast manipulate previous options and add some creative features. Let’s have a look those features and elaborate these features step by step.

Real Time Snippet Editor:

Yoast now convert snippet review into snippet editor, just simply single click on your snippet then edit as per you requirement and simply done. There is nothing to worry about!

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features realtime editor

Indexability Checker:

This service is all Yoast user’s and every one can avail it. Through that option, Yoast will let you know which pages search engines has been indexed or which are not by using onpage Seo software.

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features indexability

Supercharged Categories:

Yoast now totally supporting to category even tags pages because they added their Seo fields on category and tags pages. You can even modify or optimize you each categories pages as per your requirements.

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features supercharged categories

Separate Social Media Snippet Editor:

Now in Yoast Seo 3.0 add social media snippet editor separately. Currently this social media section support two platforms Facebook and Google plus. You can easily add and modify titles, descriptions and add images, which you want to show on social media during this post sharing on both above social media sites.

Yoast SEO 3.0 Comes with New Features social media

This times Yoast SEO 3.0 features rocks all the where. Check it out these features by yourself and also built your experience with it.

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