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KnowledgeIDea was founded in 15 June 2014 by Siraj Mahmood and krishna kumar silvery. The story behind creation of this platform, provide authentic and informative content and share our daily doings with everyone around the world. KnowledgeIDea have 45,000+ Pageviews/month. We are still seeking to provide efficient data in positive manner. Huge part of our site users are belongs to several countries include India, Pakistan and United States and so on.

How you can Write for Us?

Anyone can join KnowledgeIDea as an Arthur. We always welcome talented guys, who can introduce their talent among thousands of readers 🙂 But few things and aspects are need to memorize before going ahead. We will determine your written article then publish among our readers. Your written articles should meet with our requirements. Read the below requirements for writing with us.

  • Article should be consist on unique and authentic content.
  • Copied articles will be directly deleted after detection without any prior notice.
  • Article should be correct grammatically and should be in English Language.
  • Non-English language articles will not accepted here currently.
  • Articles length should be minimum 1000 words according to experts. 
  • We don’t allow backlinks. Backlinks contains articles will be directly deleted without any prior notice.
  • We respect everyone copyrights, if we detect that your written article is copied somewhere then we will terminate your account permanently.
  • You can join your articles readers through feedback/comments anytime by using your contributor account for which you signed up.
  • Compulsory: After registration, It is your duty to insert or fill up your profile with authentic information before submitting any article, if you do not follow this aspect then we will never use your name as an author. Because blank author box or unfilled profile, disturb the readers and spoil web page reputation.

Categories are allowed on KnowledgeIDea:

  • Web Development & Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • WordPress themes, plugins and development tools
  • Social media marketing and search engine marketing
  • Inspirational articles on blogging
  • Information Technology
  • Android, Apple and Microsoft
  • Top 10, Web hosting
  • HTML, PHP, CSS and C++ Development tutorials
  • And every education based article relevant to knowledge then let us know via contact page.
  • If you have energetic articles from different category but relevant to knowledge then let us know, we will create new category only for you 🙂

If you have read the above following guidelines then you can start contributing with KnowledgeIDea. 

Register and Submit your Homework

Note: Registration form will demand for ‘Invitation Code’ Contact us to get your invitation code. 

If you have further queries or interesting tips regarding contributing then let us know via contact page.