WordPress Permalinks Structure and Settings

WordPress Permalinks Structure:

Permalinks inside WordPress are the address or URL of the post and pages. WordPress Permalinks provides the appropriate options/settings to customize these URL as own style. Customization inside Permalinks is most important factor because default structure is ugly and not understandable for search engines. Almost web bloggers avail benefit from it and use his focus keywords inside Permalinks structure (URL). WordPress provides few custom Permalinks styles or structure, Which are useful for your blog bright future. See the below WordPress Permalinks settings. WordPress Permalinks To get access or  customization in Permalinks, You need to Open WordPress dashboard  >> Goto Settings >>Permalinks. Now you are on right the way. On that page, You can see the many of these tool belongs to Permalinks settings. There are six custom options available to customize Permalink structure. First is default structure and not recommended because it’s harmful for your site. See the below default structure and analyze it.


Above Permalink structure has no relevance with the post, because its has consist on symbols and numeric values ?p=123 not post keywords and titles. Take the second structure of Permalink. Inside it structure include date and name of the post, This is well in style. Because it consist on date (month,year,day) and post name. You can use this Permalink structure.


Third structure of Permalink is same as above second structure. but different is that, it has only month and post name inside it structure. See the below third structure example.


Slightly go ahead, Go on next forth structure, Which contains only numeric values /123 inside Permalink structure. This is again not suggested because relevancy not exist inside it structure with site post.See the below fourth structure example.


Last and recommended custom structure of WordPress Permalinks with only Post name. 


This structure has no numeric value and no strange symbols. It contains only pure post title that’s means, now 100% relevancy exist in it. Specially, It is understandable for search engines crawler. Crawler can easily determine the relevancy between post and its URL Structure. Now Permalinks are exactly accordingly to Search engine optimization.You can also see the above image to understand these above WordPress Permalinks structures. Keep remember that, Permalink are one of the necessary part of Seo. Because its providing the information about your site pages and post. So URL structure should be user-friendly and easy to understandable for search engines or for users. I would suggest to read 5 things that will improve organic Seo. Let us know that, What you learned from this article. If you have better one ideas then we will like to hear it. Subscribe our weekly newsletter and be a part of knowledge idea. If you have further question belongs to WordPress Permalinks then inform me through comments. 🙂

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