WordPress 4.5 Features Review

Yesterday 13 April 2016, when I logged into my KnowledgeIDea WordPress backend so I found a notification. WordPress 4.5 is available now, please update your WordPress version. This time WordPress comes with newly impressive features which can save your time and can put efficiency in your blogging lifestyle. Here we’re going to represent WordPress 4.5 features review in a short time period. Which can definitely help you to build your enthusiasm for new WordPress characteristics.

WordPress 4.5 Features Review:

Yesterday WordPress 4.5 were released with additional creative properties. WordPress 4.5 version comes with new editing and customization improvements. Recently WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features and now that one in a short time period is a great achievement for WordPress organization. Because they are adding new features continuously in their own platform to keep updated their users in every minute. So let’s see the WordPress 4.5 features review for better understanding.

Inline Linking:

Now user can easily grab any piece of content on which they want to put hyperlink. Then simply search any website internal post and link them with your current article. No need to go with pop up, but this pop up option is still exist there with setting icon so dual ways are comfortable depends on your usage style.

WordPress 4.5 Feature Review Inline Linking

Formatting Shortcuts:

This time WordPress 4.5 comes with two new shortcuts one is supported to preformatted content and secondly supported to horizontal line above or below the content. Now simply enclosed your content in Acute symbol (`) to put your content in preformatted style. Secondly, write three dashes (—) in sequence to put horizontal line anywhere where you like to put it.

WordPress 4.5 Feature Review Formatting Shortcuts

Live Responsive Preview:

Now every WordPress user is able to see that his website layout is compatible with tablet or mobile devices. It is responsive layout or not because responsive website is also become the part of Seo core ranking factors in 2016. You can watch this splendid feature in your WordPress customizer.

WordPress 4.5 Feature Review Live Responsive Preview

Custom Logos:

Now default WordPress 4.5 have an option for business or brand custom logos in their customizer identity section. Simply now you can upload or select your custom logos from media library or also can resize it according to your requirements. Twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen have been updated with this new feature which will be appeared in your WordPress customizer where you also can setup or customize it comfortably.

WordPress 4.5 Feature Review Custom Logos

Above mentioned changes has occurred in WordPress 4.5 version. If you already updated your version so that means you are avail benefits from these features.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your WordPress journey. If you have any question regarding this update or have any different query so must notify us through our community forum or can comment under this article.

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