WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features

Yesterday 18 August WordPress update to WordPress 4.3 with new remarkable and emerging features, which has incredible performance and reliability. In our earlier article, we remarked new features of WordPress 4.1 which was released with features like image alignment toolbar, language supports and others. Same like this time again WordPress won his millions of users hearts after add strapping features in WordPress 4.3.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New amazing Features

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features:

As we know that, couple of hours ago every WordPress user saw a notification on his WordPress dashboard. An updated version of WordPress is available. You can update to WordPress 4.3 automatically or download the package and install it manually. WordPress 4.3 came with new enhancement and most prominent features.

Easy Formatting Shortcuts:

In this version, WordPress team introduce formatting shortcuts which makes easier and faster to write your post than before. Now you can use asterisks to create list, use number sign to create heading and use > this sign for blockquote. They have mentioned a complete list of shot cuts for user convenience, you can see this list by click on question mark of main menu  editor.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features shortcuts formatting

Menus in Customizer:

Now WordPress 4.3 came with menu in customizer, where you can live editing, modifying your menus and can see live preview without any hurdle. Now no need to go in your menus section separately because now everything is available in your fingertips.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features menu in customizer

App Style Favicon Facility:

In all of the previous WordPress version by default have no option for favicon. This time WordPress 4.3 introduce app style radius corner favicon image. We also called this site icon, which appears in your browser tabs.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features site favicon

Strong Security Password:

In WordPress 4.3 during adding users or registration, WordPress automatically generate invincible security password. Password reset link and generated password will be automatically sent to the user email. Now WordPress extending their security level to avoid security risks.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features password security

Disable Comment on Pages:

This time WordPress disable comments by default for all new pages. It is a good step that WordPress taken this time because mostly pages do not need comment section like contact page and about page etc.

WordPress 4.3 Introduce New Features disable comments

As you can see the above image, by default every new page comments will be disabled and you can see in the above image under discussion section allow comment option is unchecked by default but if you want to add comment box under any page then you may add them by checking this option.

Further, WordPress add refinements in responsive design menus, which you can see on mini devices like iPhone, iPad etc. WordPress is trying to giving best solution for his users and entertain them with the passage of time.

Let us know, if you like this article and found useful for your knowledge enhancement. If you have any queries, news and your opinions concern with WordPress then you may join us via comment.

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Fahad Rafiqgt
Fahad Rafiqgt
8 years ago

The release of a new WordPress version is always a big event. I am eager to try out the newly released WordPress 4.3.