Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages

This guide is for beginners, who do not know the drawback of indexed categorizes and tags in search engine. In this article, we will discuss about, why you should no index categories and tag pages. Another one concept we will discuss is, what are the disadvantages and advantages of categories and tag pages.

Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages
Why You Should No INDEX Categories and Tag Pages

Probably you heard that, the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Seo allow us and recommenced us to add NO index attribute in categories and tag pages. What is the behind story of this action in Seo. Let’s start this discussion in-depth.

Why SEO Recommend No Index For Categories & Tags:

This action is not mandatory but recommended from Seo experts. Let’s talk about on behind story of this action,

Let’s suppose that, if you have two pages on a website, where same content exist or point to where same content exist similar like previous page. It is complex to understand but not impossible. Both pages contains exactly a-z same content, so what will happen according to Google algorithm. As we know, Google do not like content duplication otherwise your website will be permanently banned in search engine.

This algorithm is applying here, because if you allow search engine to index categories and tag pages then replication will be occur, which can be harmful for your website health. Because you already have content on post/articles pages, if you allow categories and tags to index then search engine crawler index article from more sides, one from post pages, second from categories pages and third from tag pages. Thus, replication will be happening, which can spoil website ranking in search engine. That is why you should no index categories and tag pages, because post pages are sufficient for search engines to drive traffic on your website.

How to Add No INDEX Behind Any Page:

If you want to add No Index attribute on particular pages then follow the below meta robots tag line.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"/>

Add the above line behind every categories and tag pages, which pages you do not want to index by Google crawler. If you are a WordPress user then install Easy No index and No Follow plugin, other wise if you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast so they also providing this option by default.


It will increase chance to boost search engine rank because your website is providing 100% original and replication free content. Reduce misunderstanding for user to go on categories pages instead of post pages. Thus, you can reduce redundant search snippets.


Google will not crawl your categories and tag pages. Probably traffic can be reduced instantly due to No INDEX attribute behind every category and tag pages.


It is good Seo practice to allow No INDEX on website only for categories and tag pages. Because this action will purge your website from replication and make it trustworthy. Personally from my experience, I would suggest you to add No Index on following pages, Categories, Tags and author archives pages.

Let us know, about your views and perceptions after read this article. If you have more interesting and experienced ideas then let us know, we love to share in our community.  For more discussion and your opinions, leave your comment below.

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