Why to Use Near Field Communication Technology in Mobile?

Steadily technology is evolving and it is making our routine life activities much easier than it was before. One such a technology is near field communication which is easily accessible to most mobile phone users. With help of near field communication technology secure and instant transactions. Such as, booking movie ticket and reserving hotel seat and passes for bus or train travel can be managed over phone by its users. So, in subsequent part of this essay authors will try to explain few key questions and pros related to near field communication technology.

Near Field Communication Technology in Your Mobile

What is Near Field Communication?

The near field communication technology is a key to your mobile through which various mobile functions can be hasted. Basically, it is a type of wireless communication between two electronic devices. Where one active device receives data from another but inactive device and then perform a task as coded in it. The use of this technology is not new. Initially, it was used in 2002. However, in last few years several organizations such as, banks and resultants have started to use this technology especially for their payment model. Preliminary lack of use of near field communication technology was because of dearth in necessary sophisticated infrastructure and supporting devices which is steadily improving now.

Near Field Communication Technology in Your Mobile

Basically, this rise in near field communication is because of evolving role of mobile phone which now a day is not only a communicating device with another being. In fact it acts as watch, mini camera, computer and calendar etc. Similarly, near field communication technology application will be a vibrant part of most mobile phones in future.

How Does Near Field Communication Work?

Basically, it is your mobile. Who via radio active frequency reads the instructions coded in contact-less credentials. An easy to understand example is the billing process. So at stores such as, Walmart and Tesco when you present a product at till for payment. Then instead of searching for price. Cashier uses radio-active frequency to charge price for the product. Similarly, near communication technology in your mobile reads different tags and perform a task specified in it. Basically, these tags can be found in shape of fobs or plastics. Information in these fobs controls the functions of a mobile. Moreover, information in these fobs can be altered through mobile.

Near Field Communication Technology in Your Mobile

Pros of Near Field Communication

Instant and Secure Medium of Payment

Once you have installed the required application in your smartphone such as boon and VCpay . Than in few seconds without any contact. You actually scan a fob to pay for a product. Whereas through traditional methods such as, credit card. There is great distance proximity between device so there is less security. However, with the near field communication technology in your mobile the proximity distance between devices is usually 10 to 15 centimeter which provides better security and satisfaction. As said by the Daniel Berg, vice president at  ASSA ABLOY.

Near field communication


“The most fundamental benefit of mobile contactless credentials for access control is that you can actually deliver the keys digitally because you will have universally secure elements in the mobile phone”

High Tractability

In a commercial setting. It is much safer and easy via security managers to control all the electronic tags through a central access control system. Moreover, manager can promptly deliver tags with the suitable level of access to employees and visitors. Notably, in case any of the fob which goes missing or stolen than you can instantly through phone can track precise activities of your fob or even you can cancel it. Whereas, ATM and credit card tracking or cancellation require certain procedure performed by issuing organization. So with near field communication technology in your handset user can control its fob instantly.

All in One

By using near field communication via your mobile you can save the information of cards like credit card, debit card and hotel door card. So, in case you forget any of the card than you can use your phone. For example, in Germany and UK several people use near phone technology via their mobile to use bus or train service.

So, based on above discussion. It would be a rational prediction that in near future the trend of using near filed communication technology via mobile phone will rise. Because it allows simple, secure, prompt and centralized control to users over several common but essential activities.



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