Why My Computer Running Slow Windows

If you are in trouble due to slowness happening in your personal computer so it’s time to find out the solution. Some times beginner have not much knowledge about why their computer going to be slow whereas solution is in front of these folks.

Why My Computer Running Slow Windows

Computer Running Slow Windows:

Many times you felt that your computer not working with proper speed and getting slow again and again. Many causes are involved in this trouble but today in this article we will discuss only prominent troubles. Let’s raise these common problems and their solutions respectively.

Memory Overflow:

This problem happens, when your computer hard disk have no more sufficient space. Unless your computer needs free space for computer process such as browsing data, software load and further so on.

Purge Your Computer:

Almost computer user doesn’t care about their machine space which can be tragic sometimes. Let’s suppose if your computer have 30 GB internal space, if you try to install 29 GB game directly so this means you are putting load on your computer hark disk, a computer needs space to execute their programs so left 1 GB space is not enough to run program thus computer will be slow or can be stuck. So please release some memory to put space in it.

Scan Your Computer:

There are 60% chances that your computer affected with some kind of outsider calamitous virus. Here we are using the word “Outsider” which pointing to internet suspect websites which contains malicious virus/software’s which can ruin your computer reliability. You can prevent your computer from these malware and threats via install anti-virus in your computer. Personally window 7, 8 and further has itself keeps window defender, which is capable to scan your entire computer file and directories and can purge from threats. You may read here how to turn on and off window defender. Unlike, you can install avast anti-virus which is free for a year.

Do not put burden on PC:

Sometimes we play games or install which requirements too high and not suitable with your current system requirement. Thus, you are putting burden on your system, mostly at this condition your system can be warm or heat. This kind of actions can spoil your system condition or their internal components. So, you should need to check it out your game/software requirements first then go ahead for installation procedure.

You may try to avoid from above these situation and can adapt mention solutions. Because precaution is better than experiment 😉 For more discussion on your computer troubles, you may join us on community forum or leave your comment below.

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