Why I Recommend Entropay Than Payoneer

Nowadays everyone knows the difference between the Payoneer MasterCard and Entropay Prepaid Visa Card. If you’re in hurry and need quick comparison so check out the forum topic otherwise read this complete article. Today I’m writing this article to let them my readers why i recommend Entropay than Payoneer? Most of the folks will be suspicious why my title giving more precedence to Entropay whereas it is virtual prepaid card conversely Payoneer is a hard or physically MasterCard.

Why Recommend Entropay Than Payoneer?

I started to use Entropay first than after I experienced Payoneer. Few years back, I was using Entropay for Facebook and other online money buying products.

Pros For Payoneer MasterCard?

  • Payoneer Company will ship this card on your given location free of cost.
  • A Hard card, means physically you can touch this similar like your bank ATM card.
  • Its flexible and trustworthy company with millions of satisfied customers around the world.
  • You can withdrawal money anywhere in the world from any of the nearby ATM machine to you, which has the MasterCard label on it.
  • Online account access to check your transactions and reeving payments.
  • You can integrate your Payoneer card to withdrawal your payment directly from your ad networks such as infolinks and also from the merchant namely 2checkout etc.
  • Payoneer is free and anyone who has national identify card or passport is eligible for that.

Cons of Payoneer MasterCard?

  • It is slightly expensive as compared to Entropay.
  • It has fixed monthly fee.

Entropay Virtual Card Pros?

Entropay is one of the fastest growing company and somehow I felt and experienced EntroPay is better than Payoneer in terms of cost and user perspective. Let me first elaborate their characteristics.

  • Entropay is a virtual debt visa card
  • Entropay charge 4.95% of each amount you upload in your card via your bank ATM debt or credit card.
  • If you have Entropay premium verified account so you can upload more than $20k/month and that is pretty enough amount.
  • With verified premium account you can create as much as virtual visa cards and can use it online where ever you like.
  • Entropay virtual visa card expiration time frame is almost 1 year at current time.
  • You can also withdrawal your virtual visa card finds directly in your bank account.
  • Entropay doesn’t charge for each transaction, they will charger only one time when you upload money as I stated above.
  • You can also watch your incoming and outgoing payment statements for each card separately.

Entropay Virtual Card Cons?

  • It is not a tangible card like Payoneer
  • It doesn’t accept almost (Local) bank ATM’s while upload money in your card.

I personally used both and what I realized is? Payoneer name seems expensive from cost perspective and Entropay is cheap. Eventually, I admire both cards qualities and functionalities that how it helps to freelancers and digital marketers. I would love to listen your stories and experience with these both cards. Please let me know your thoughts in below comment box and in case of trouble or questions join us on our community forum.

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