WHMCS Features Review in Detail

I was not familiar with WHMCS before this because without implementation, I never tried to write a review. I experienced WHMCS 3 months and find out their pros and cons. WHMCS is a billing portal or automation platform for web hosting. If you are going to launch you web hosting company website so you have a great option to take start with WHMCS. Today I will reveal WHMCS features review among this blog reader.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail:

WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution, which works as a web hosting backend system. WHMCS handle your website orders, listing users, recurring bills, numbers of payments gateway support, dedicated support ticket system, live chat and much more.

WHMCS Clients and Order System:

WHMCS have absolute dedicated section to add and modify your clients and their details with-in a minute. Actually that is the first option from your WHMCS dashboard. If your user is purchased any of your hosting plan so their sign up details will be shown over there because he/she is now your client and will be listed under this section.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail
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WHMCS Separate Billing Section:

WHMCS have dedicated section for your clients billing, how much clients have been paid, pending and processing. You can manage or handle your each client separately.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail Billing Section

There are so many options exist such as cancel your order or issue the refund if their anything goes wrong. When your clients recurring billing call occur then you will be notified definitely.

Dedicated Support System:

WHMCS by default comes with integrated ticket support system with clean and speedy front-end layout. It looks professional, users can drop their ticket under several departments and setup priorities for tickets.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail Ticket Support Section

And administrator or another particular departments can view and reply them instantly, in this case user will be automatically notified through an instant email notification when any new activity occur on your created ticket.

WHMCS General Settings in Depth:

Here WHMCS have this separate section only for sever major aspect setup. Such as company personal information, server default name server setup, security captcha code turn on/off system, credit card security and so many WHMCS sensitive things can be added or modify from that place.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail General Settings

Even from the last section namely ‘Other’ contains few special characteristics by using which you can edit your web hosting registration form or modify them according to your needs.

80+ Payment Gateways Supported:

I never heard that kind of huge payment gateway support to any CMS before. WHMCS have a robust support from payment point of view because it has more than 80 payment system by default and additionally so many payment addons can be added in it.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail Payment Gateways

Personally I experienced PayPal, 2checkout and bank transfer which is my favorite because it contains all the methods which my clients needs it.

WHMCS Product and Services:

Most essential section in WHMCS, where you will be able to create or manage your hosting packages and their pricing individually. You can easily create different groups of products such as shared hosting, vpn hosting and dedicated servers and assign their packages in it.

WHMCS Features Review in Detail Product and Services

You can set up three types of billing Free, One Time Fee and Recurring and there are so many further features which a hosting company needs to manage their clients such as tax and stock control, email notification after sign up, plans upgrade and downgrade facility. Even you can set up each product ratio/commission/percentage for affiliates marketers.


This is not the end of WHMCS features but I just highlighted main characteristics of WHMCS. WHMCS itself a complete solution for hosting companies and they should give a try to check it out their magical features. As I stated above pros and cons of WHMCS, it has so many advantage for new companies but I never saw their disadvantages so far, if you face any issue with it so share your experience with us.

Keep remember that WHMCS is not an open source CMS, so you need to buy their license first. Because during installation it required legitimate license key. Basic monthly branded package cost is $15.95/month, actually it depends on your budget which package is suitable and meet with your company requirements, you can check WHMCS pricing and plan.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and valuable for your WHMCS journey. Unlike, if you have any question related to this topic so join our community forum or also can drop your comment under this article.

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