White and Black Hat Cloaking Guide in Seo Guide

As we know that, Seo is no more simple in 2016 seo trends because of many emerging changes. Seo journey since 2003 to 2016 is filled with lots of fluctuations. Today in this article, I’m going to discuss about cloaking, this aspect is not new but still their effectiveness exist and we should consider this while building Seo strategy of any website. Cloaking in Seo playing important role, Matt Cutts (Google Former Web Spam Head) also revealed or described cloaking on Google guidelines very efficiently.

White and Black Hat Cloaking Guide in Seo

We designed this guide especially for beginners so we will cover a-z approximately all stuff related to cloaking from white and black hat Seo perspective.

What is Cloaking in SEO?

Cloaking refers, when you represent different content & URL to humans and search engine robots. Cloaking is strictly prohibited and against Google webmaster guidelines, also can put your site rank down in search engine.

Cloaking can be done through various ways, put the content on the same time when robots (User-agent) represent the page in search engine. Cloaking can be done through hidden content or links through little modification in CSS files. Almost user claims that their website has been hacked and after retrieval back they receiving security warnings on their webmaster account or in a browser (UnSafe Site). This is only because of cloaking, because hackers put some malicious codes/scripts or malware of which humans cannot see it physically from their eyes but search engine robots can easily see it or detect it from their behind website coding.

There are so many reasons, if you website hacked by someone again and again so must read Things You Should Do to Avoid Hacking Your Website and also How to Tackle Hacked WordPress Websites. Read the Google guidelines to prevent your site from hacking.

Black and White Hat Cloaking?

If we talk about white and black hat cloaking so that is nonsense because cloaking is strictly prohibited no matter in which sense you are considering this. I found cloaking on many reputed sites but their cloaking sense slightly were changed like on Forbes web pages, before user goto exact required web page interstitial ads will be open and will automatically skip within 5-6 seconds.

White and Black Hat Cloaking Guide in Seo Forbes Example

So that is shape or kind of cloaking but consider as rare or negligible cloaking level and Google doesn’t take action on well reputed sites immediately without considering other factors.

Let us know, if you found this article useful and valuable from your perspective. If you have any question related to cloaking in Seo so may join us on our community forum or can leave your queries below.

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