What’s new in Facebook work?

What’s new in Facebook work

Facebook as Social Networking Platform:

It has been a paradigm that social networking over Facebook is something which is done in leisure time. Facebook intends to change this paradigm by introducing Facebook work which expected in upcoming months. This initiative would not only convey messages from up down fashion but bottom up as well.

Since long time, Facebook has been considered unofficial and kept use of Facebook prohibited, so Facebook has finally reacted to end this impact. Facebook work is first step towards this initiative of making Facebook as an official platform. After this initiative, Facebook user won’t have to hide their Facebook window from their bosses because they would have Facebook work account for this purpose.

What is different in Facebook Work?

It is being said that it is not going to be the same Facebook everyone is using rather it would be different. Facebook work is separate version of Facebook which will be accessible within the network premises of the company. Users will need a new account for Facebook work, same personal accounts would not work for it. Users will have get new accounts for Facebook work provided by their company.

Facebook work is under testing yet. Though it had been used within the Facebook by its employees. Facebook has increased its circle to make it official. Currently, Facebook work is being tested in 300 companies such as Royal bank of Scotland. In upcoming weeks, Facebook has planned to include more companies in this testing. Facebook work will expand to many other countries.

Idea Behind Facebook Work:

The idea behind Facebook work comes from common Facebook; share status, have personal chats, make groups and post articles but on business level. Though it is a lot like consumer edition but still it is on a business level within a company. It is followed that the more connected work is more productive. So connecting a company people, sharing ideas and being helpful and cooperative to each other. On a multi-national business level, it will help central control to convey its messages to their employees globally and getting response from them. Facebook work will help companies to stay connected to its employees and stay updated of the work being done around the globe.

Accounts availability:

Facebook work accounts could be obtained from the company authorities only for permanent employees that means temporary employees or contractors may not get benefit from Facebook work. Work posted on Facebook work will only be visible to the individuals within the company network. As it is separate from the consumer and solely for business and official purposes so it cannot be connected with one’s personal Facebook account.

As Facebook work account is issued by company authorities so in case of any password lost or any misuse of account should be reported to the company authorities so that necessary actions could be taken as per company policies.

Facebook Work Features:

Facebook work has features similar to common edition. User would have similar features such as personal profile, notifications, messages and notification home. Each new notification would appear on notification home which would keep its users updated with the topics being discussed or events happening within the organization. Users could create new groups according to their authority and add people in it where they circulate any topic or have discussions and stay connected with each other for a certain project.

Users could also run polls to collect opinion of the employees.  Users could also share files and links with their peers and make their expression learning and interactive. It would enable them to have discussion with each other while they do not need to sit together and spend time together for meetings. User could also make any event live and set it visible to selective peers. User also select among suggestions to stay updated with other topics in trends which may be irrelevant but good to know.

What’s new in Facebook work

Similar Platforms:

Facebook work is not the only and first networking platform of its kind but there are many other platform working with similar features such as Linkedin, Inter Nations, Muut, Google ++, My Space etc. As Facebook has been immensely popular among social network freaks so it is to be expected that Facebook will also get the same amount of popularity. If Facebook work gets popular as its common version is, it can be expected that Facebook will almost take over official and unofficial social networking platforms which will be great achievement for Facebook.

Initially, idea is to keep it as consumer edition is but it will definitely be improving with time as its other successful edition is. As Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms so Facebook work have likelihood of same success quite high. Though Facebook took quite time to reach this point but it already established success will help its work edition to make place in the industry.

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