What Makes A Web Hosting Good?

You log on to internet and you would be flooded with numerous choices for web hosting services. With so many vendors at your disposal; the comparison is inevitable and it looks simpler to make a choice. However it is far from reality. What do you think, what kind of fantabulous hosting service provider should be, let me give a try to explain what makes a web hosting Good?

What Makes A Web Hosting Good?

Not all hosting providers define their offerings clear enough, which makes it difficult for individuals and businesses to decide on the right web host.

Performance stays on the top of the list as most of the players promise 99.99% of Uptime. But that’s not the fact unfortunately. Pure downtime well exceeds their red flag limit. You must research well & try gathering stats before deciding.

Ensure your website speed is good enough to sustain with your users’ experience. Sites taking more than half a second, needs fine tuning at the hosting side but be sure it doesn’t have to do with its designing.

Pricing is important than most other things. Every single penny deserves to be spent well, as is earned hard. A good shared hosting plan can be found for $5/month and that’s reasonable.

Check for renewal amounts and recurring modes. They can be confusing at times. Also enquire on the refund policy for you might cancel subscription owing to deficiency in services.

Customer Support is an essential and perhaps the most significant parameter to focus on. Does it provide round the clock services? Can you chat or speak with the agents live? Raising tickets and writing emails, is a thing of past and not enjoyed by customers these days.

Unmetered space, availability of control panel etc. are some of the other things that should be taken into account.

While you spend all your man hours to make the right choice, hosting vendors are a bit smarter to make it look all greener for you.

Let’s see this infographic that visually defines some of the basics that MUST be considered before selecting the right web host.

What Makes A Web Hosting Good

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