What is Sitemap in SEO Complete Guide

Do you know? What is xml sitemap in Seo probably not or yes. Recently we published an article on sitemap important key factors such as priority, last modified date, crawling frequency etc.

In fact, these keys factors are playing crucial role in sitemap but was article only based on textual guide now today we are going to stick an appropriate video tutorial on Sitemap in Seo guide. After watch this video, I’m 100% sure, you will be able to understand all sitemap factors. Let’s see,

Watch on YouTube:

Watch on Dailymotion:

What we described in this Tutorial?

In these tutorials, we revealed some interesting things which is necessary from Seo point of view. Let’s see,

  • What is Sitemap in Seo?
  • How to locate sitemap on any website?
  • How Google crawler find your website pages?
  • How many URLs is Google for each sitemap?
  • What is the maximum limit and size of Sitemap?
  • Sitemap website pages priority purpose?
  • Sitemap page crawling frequency like hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly etc.
  • Which crawling frequency is suitable for each website page according to Seo tactics?
  • What is the purpose of last modified date in sitemap?

Hopefully, you enjoyed this above tutorial and understood all mentioned tips and guidance. For more discussion, you may join us on our community forum or can leave your feedback under this post.

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