What is Sitemap in Seo – Beginners Guide

Do you know? What is sitemap in Seo and why sitemap existence is crucial for website life. It is the most prominent question in Seo field, which answer is that, without sitemap a website can not go ahead because it works like website road-map.

What is Sitemap in Seo:

Sitemap is a road-map of any website contains each web page address (URL), last modified date and frequency. Sitemap is essential task in Seo and considered as the one of the on-page Seo factor.

What is Sitemap in Seo - Beginners Guide
What is Sitemap in Seo – Beginners Guide

Search engine crawler needs sitemap, because sitemap makes easy for crawler to find out the each web page through their web pages address (URL). Thus, search engine crawler index every website pages by follow the website sitemap. Similarly, this whole procedure proves useful in Seo and makes the website structure more search engine friendly.

What are the Primary Key of Sitemap:

XML sitemap file exist in your hosting root directory, where your website primary files exist. If you are WordPress user then recommend you to use Google XML Sitemap because it is easy to use and contains deep customization features.

As we mentioned above XML sitemap consist on several things like URL, frequency and last modified date. To understand the existence of sitemap in seo, you should know the sitemap key factors and their usage.

Address (URL) in Sitemap: URL help to search engine bot to follow this URL and index this particular page content.

Frequency: Frequency indicate that, when crawler will come to crawl web pages data. Homepage frequency should be set on daily and article/post/pages frequency should be weekly as per your choice. You also can setup post and pages frequency to daily, only when, you are updating your website these pages daily.

Priority: Priority indicate that, which pages are more valuable or less valuable on website. Priority makes easy for search engine to align their website pages in best possible form. Such as, homepage priority should be 100% unlike website pages priority should be 80% similarly post/article pages priority should be 60%.

Modified Date: Modified date defines that, when the last change occurred on this particular page.

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If you are already using WordPress Seo By Yoast then XML sitemap availability is already exist in this plugin.

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