What is SEO – SEO Training for beginners

SEO Training

Welcome here, Hopefully you will be fine and here for seeking SEO. I’m also here to teach you that how you can build SEO optimized website with professional experience. My name is Siraj Mahmood, You tutor and a guy, who loves to share his ideas. In this SEO training course, we will discuss all SEO aspects from every basic to advance point of view. Before going ahead, we need to show course outlines respectively.

SEO Training Outlines:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. What SEO does?
  3. SEO Types & Factors.
  4. SEO Importance & Advantages.
  5. How to do SEO for Website?
  6. How we can update ourself with SEO?
  7. Traffic analysis for website and more…

These above outlines are crucial and major outlines of SEO training. These mentioned outlines have further parts itself. Let start with first outline.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO keeps many distinctive characteristic. We use SEO algorithms to rank any web page. Without Seo a website lose his presence or existence in search engine. SEO helps you to sustain your site rank superior and better than competitors. Anyone can do Seo itself, it is not a hardcore process, just We require slightly your attention during training.

In this first training tutorial, We will give you little bit touch of Seo fundamentals. Now watch the tutorial with full concentration.

In the first training tutorial, we covered few basic things include Seo definition and small Google algorithm touch. Google algorithm is simple to understand not complicated.


If you covered and understand all SEO training tutorials, then it possible that you might be able to stand your online business with ease. No doubt that, we merged our many years of experience in these training tutorials. While training, we told you to hold a notebook and pen in your hands and note all the crucial things.

Let us know, if you have further issue and problem. If you understood this tutorial then proceed to the next level of SEO training.

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Indra pur
Indra pur
9 years ago

Great explanation.I want to know about off page seo in detail?

Harpreet kaur
Harpreet kaur
9 years ago

Sir very very thank you for this knowledge. I want to know that if we do online job as SEO worker then what are the important thinks which we need to understand properly.