What is Rich Snippets in Seo – Beginner Guide

Today we will describe about rich snippets in Seo and their advantages respectively. Rich snippets are the most crucial factor of on-page Seo and use to promote your product, software’s, articles etc.

What is Rich Snippets in Seo

What is Rich Snippets in Seo?

Rich snippets are structured data markup, add in web pages to help search engine (Google) to understand your content better. User creates rich snippets manually or by a particular scripts and if you are a WordPress user then try Arthur hReview this plugin.

What is Rich Snippets in Seo - Beginner Guide

Rich snippets use to shows product/software/app ratings, prices also their availability in stock or not. Rich snippets create increment in click-through rate (CTR) out of search engine impressions.

Google describe the rich snippets from the following data types such as,

Products: Slightly information about product, user ratings, price and stock availability of this product.

Video and Movies Review: In videos or movies shows a piece of short description and user ratings of video as well as a thumbnail image.

News Snippets: Comes with news headlines, featured image, published date and publisher info.

Rich snippets make easy for Google crawler and searching user to understand your content with ease. In simple words,it makes your content or article snippet more superior and appealing than other around there.

After setup rich snippet structured markup on your website, you can test your web page on Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Keep remember that, after enable or setup rich snippet markup on your website, Google will take time to crawl it and Google is not bound for anyone means that Google will show your rich snippet in search results when it will feel that is suitable for user. Must read the Google developers guide on rich snippets.

Let us know, if you found this article or guide helpful for your Seo journey. If you have additional queries concern to rich snippets in Seo so you may leave your comment under this topic or can arise your question on our community forum.

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Mohammad Fakhruddin
7 years ago

thank you siraj bhai for nice and very knowledgeable posting in your blog. I’m from bangladesh, i will be very great full to you if u tell me how can insert rich snippet in site by manually.

Editorial Staff
7 years ago

Hello Mohammad,

You can use the WordPress plugin namely Author hReview. Perfect for rich snippet in WordPress environment. For more queries you can ask you questions to us directly on our community forum.

Mohammad Fakhruddin
7 years ago

Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂