What is Cornerstone Content in SEO Yoast

Yoast SEO added a new feature which is called cornerstone content. What is cornerstone content in search engine optimization and how it is more important? Basically cornerstone content is not a new algorithm or factor of SEO, it existed before but it was not in front of every beginner person. But Yoast SEO plugin put this in front of every single eye and made it more significant than before.

What is Cornerstone Content in SEO Yoast

What is Cornerstone Content in SEO?

Let me elaborate, cornerstone content are those articles which have higher priority than usual articles. Let’s suppose you wrote an article containing proofs, screenshots, video guide, external websites surveys then content came into shape. This kind of content can be considered as cornerstone content because it has all the things which people need it related to that topic. Cornerstone articles also considered as general articles for primary topics. Cornerstone articles should be described very comprehensively with outlines, images if possible use videos. Experts recommend more than 1000 words content for cornerstone article which makes it more better than regular articles.

In case, if you write a further post on your blog which is nearly related to your primary category of that topic, then you have great opportunity to link this content to cornerstone article. That’s how this can be beneficial. Also, that’s how you are telling to Google or other search engines that your website particular post has more precedence than other ones and Google can rank those higher.

Experts use broad range keywords for cornerstone articles or content. You can say they built first website content foundation via cornerstone articles then built the whole rest of the content on it, means further content marketing.

My Observation:

Cornerstone articles are 10 times beneficial than any regular blog post. One thing you should remember always, all blog post content could never play the role of cornerstone content. Cornerstone articles are special as I stated above.

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Amit kumar
6 years ago

Can we post single article to multiple article submission sites?