What is Anchor text and how does it work

What is Anchor text:

Anchor text is a title or label of specific hyperlink in your post content, In simple words you can say that, Linked text is an anchor text. Anchor text can place on hyperlink, while using internal linking or while back-linking with external websites.

What is Anchor text and how does it work
Anchor Text Structure

In the above image you can see that, a href html tag inside in it, an individual Facebook link and between open and close tag an anchor text name as Facebook.You can see clearly, Above image describe the appropriate form of anchor text.Search Engines changed his algorithms with the passage of time, and update its features but infrastructure remain same. Next we will talk about on how does anchor text work. As you know, we talked about Organic Seo in previous articles and understand about his strategies and factors or elements. Anchor text is also an element/factor of Seo and we tend to add anchor text in our web content. Finest content consists on anchor text. Above we said, anchor text is a label or title of any link so it is important to know that, Use anchor text in appropriate form using with keywords. If you are doing internal linking with your own site pages then choose meaningful or relevant keywords in anchor text.

Now search engines become smart and they analysis every single content that’s why, It is important to use beneficial or relevant keywords in anchor text. Don’t try to use irrelevant keywords because Google consider and treat this irrelevant keyword as a useless link. Probably, Someone will ask me why Google take it as useless link. Answer is that, Because you are referring an irrelevant anchor text to other irrelevant content page both are not relevant like, if you have a HostGator affiliate link and add this link in you fashion post so, it is totally unfair with your website and with your profession, because both content criteria are not met with each other that’s why search engines take it as a useless link.

Anchor Text role in Backlinks:

Anchor text playing important role in backlinks. Backlinks is a factor of organic Seo. During create backlinks on forums, social profiles, We have always believed that, to use best keyword for hyperlink to your site or blog similarly in anchor text, the same process applies here so, it is good Seo practice to select relevant keyword to refer relevant content through anchor text and backlinks.

Anchor text advantages:

Seo experts emphasis the usage of anchor text because anchor text make the content user-friendly. Search engines check your content during crawling and analyze the rich keywords which are used in content. Specially Google consider anchor text in search ranking. According to my own experience, Best usage of anchor text make your website rich or maybe the cause of successful.

Hopefully, Now you will maintain the ratio of anchor text on your site content. You can subscribe our newsletters and get updates about Seo, developments and further more in your inbox.For further queries and feedback’s use below comment box. 🙂

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