What Google Says About Link Building

Here I have just a short review of my research related to search engine optimization, nowadays almost bloggers are doing the same thing which is link building through guest blogging. Almost are paid links, even some companies following the same strategy. But did you ever think a moment, what Google think or stated that kind of link building. In simple words I mean to say what Google says about link building in the sense of guest blogging.

What Google Says About Link Building

What Google Says About Link Building:

In Google links schemes everything is transparent for everyone.

Google clearly says “Buying or selling links that pass PageRank. This includes exchanging money for links, or posts that contain links; exchanging goods or services for links; or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link” This can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results.

In summary, if think about usual marketing companies who are offering link building services doing the same thing, which is against Google polices. In the recent year we wrote an article about Rise and fall of guest blogging which reflects the almost same thing.

What is the Bottom Line:

Here Google also described in their link schemes that create high quality content which gains popularity naturally on internet community. Also said that, link are additional points for you, and someone find your content really valuable for their own readers and they link to it. So here Google already put their perceptions and quality guidelines, which users needs to memorize it before go ahead.

Guest blogging is Good but if someone is doing that task only the sake of link building so that doesn’t make sense from Google point of view or a tragic glitch for your site future. Google also said that, if you are not sure about link which your guest blogger put inside their content so simply use Nofollow meta tag with this link. You must read about What is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your blogging journey. Have any question? Please join us on our community forum to directly interact with us or can leave your comment below.

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Emanuel Maruio
7 years ago

Instantly amazed with all the useful information that is on it. Great post, just what I was looking for and I am looking forward to reading your other posts soon. I honestly think you would have fully sold me on the idea had you been able to back up your premise with a substantial bit more solid facts. Great piece of writing and a great link you provide. Thanks you so much, I appreciate your work.

Karen Heinz
6 years ago

Well said, nowadays link building strategies are got limited to only guest posting. This concept should be changed. Your site must gain natural links means that you are not supposed to pay for links.

6 years ago
Reply to  Karen Heinz

I also agree with you both that Guest Posting is one of the finest way to get quality back link for your website than doing other SEO activities like blogging, article posting, forum etc. Rather I would say that blog commenting on niche based websites with linking organic keywords can also help a lot to gain Link juice. And I personally experienced the benefits of implementing both things for my website.

6 years ago

Can we use 2 link for 1 page on website.

Editorial Staff
6 years ago
Reply to  Priti

What do you mean by this?

Farhan Rasheed Tragger

This post is very helpful for us also tell me one thing if we link our website to one another then what about google. Is this legal or not?

Editorial Staff
6 years ago

According to Google terms and conditions and where as I know link exchange and get paid backlinks are against Google polices. Secondly Google prefer natural backlinks and Google determines natural backlinks by using their own algorithms. 🙂

Albert Barkley
6 years ago

I have noted many of website that are using paid links but still those websites are on top search results. On the other hand those websites that do work on their own using white-hat techniques, they get nothing. Why this happens?

Siraj Mahmood
6 years ago
Reply to  Albert Barkley

Google put the beginning sites into Sandbox to take their exam what they will do or are they trusted with him for future. If they behave nice and don’t spam in that time period then Google taken out and give them a trusted sign. Every site needs to pass Sandbox process.
Secondly, we said paid links is bad but we never said natural backlinks are bad. Reputed sites putting backlinks in the sense and shape of natural links, it seems natural links. For any further Q & A please join us on our community forum.