What Blogging Factors Are Important to Achieve Your Goals

Do you know? Blogging is incredible forever. Still I know the moment, when I started my blogging journey on KnowledgeIDea tech blog. This was my big dream to get lot of business though my blogging passion, same like others. But I learned a lot of things, which improved KnowledgeIDea sales reports with the passage of time. Now today, I’m here to write about, what blogging factors are important to achieve your goals quickly.

What Blogging Factors Are Important

What Blogging Factors Are Important:

Sometimes, beginners ask to me some interesting questions related with blogging factors. That how they generate enough traffic to make lot of money. What blogging factors or aspects are crucial to makes our blog popular than others etc. Now I’m going to reveal these question answers, which will help you to make your blog more efficient.

Don’t Rely on Competition:

Almost bloggers try to follow his competitors daily activities even they try to beat his competitor search engine rank. This kind of competition drop his own blog into ditch due to replication etc. Always try to create your own destiny with struggle, do not focus on competition, actually you need to concentrate your own way, which should be different from others.

Create Consistency:

If you a beginner blogger then probably you can feel bored with daily same routine. According to survey, On internet 40% of users try to start blogging as a passion but only 5% of users finally get his achievement and goals. Huge gap due to irregularity and they do not give proper attention to his professional blogging career. Consistency in blogging is a first basic step of blogging, If you never give-up then one day you will be get your success 100%.

Think as a User:

Make your thoughts from user perspective. Your thoughts should be creative and unique from others. Provide a brief reason that, why user visit your blog, what things you are giving to your users which are different from others. Here you need to provide something distinctive, for what user come to your blog. Try to provide something Free like WordPress resources, website blueprints, blogging secrets etc.

Website Conversation:

Do you know? Website conversion creates opportunities among user and blog to provide his feedback’s and opinions. User describes his opinions and gives feedback through comment box, user feedback helps you to improve your website performance better than before. Comment luv WordPress plugin is a great source to create dofollow backlinks, if you have this plugin installed on your blog then it increase the chances that users will utilize it to create backlinks. Similarly, this will help you to increase your blog traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Most of the bloggers totally rely on Search engine optimization, they seems thinks, SEO is a something like huge mountain but actually it is not. Just you need to follow the following factors in Seo, which are playing vital role in blogging like Meta-tags, keywords placement, Dofollow backlinks, Sitemap, robots.txt file etc. If you want to learn these Seo factors then you can watch or Join our basic to advance SEO Training FREE. Without Seo you can run a blog but never increase chances to get organic traffic from search engines. So never try to overlook this essential blogging factor.

What Blogging Factors Are Important

YouTube Channel:

A powerful source, where you can satisfy your viewers with your own voice. Initial bloggers are not aware about its long time advantages. You need to make finest quality tutorials for your users, where these videos will put impact on his mind and will create your hype. Try to introduce your brand or blog name in the starting of your videos, which can grab viewers attention. You also can generate innumerable visitors from YouTube channel, Which can become the cause of better search engine rank because you are getting traffic from 9 High PR website.

Returning Visitors:

Do you know? Returning visitors also be a part of search engine rank. If your users comeback on your site then it considered as a returning visitor, which is great success from blogging perspective. Because some blogs provide only annoyed content or similar content, which disturb user attention. If your blog provides original and well authentic content in positive manner So it can be the cause to returning visitors.

What Blogging Factors Are Important


Update Your Users:

Most effective part of blogging factors, in which you provide a newsletter interface to your users. Users subscribe your newsletter for future updates. These emails are a big chance for your blog to drive lot of traffic through email marketing. When users subscribe your newsletter service, so now it is your responsibility to update your user with daily activities on your blog. This thing will make your users more friendly with your blog or its activities. You also mention your promotions and discounted offers in your daily/weekly newsletters to promote your business or blog.

Describe Your Objectives:

It is a essential or good practice as a blogger to write your objectives. Probably you will be confused that, how you can write your objectives. You can write your blog or yourself objective or achievements in About us, Disclaimer page. Which helps user to understand your blog creation purpose and they also understand its achievements with the passage of time. Your stories can motivate your user and create honorable perception about you and your blog.

Let us know, if you find this article useful for your future journey. If you have better one ideas and queries then you can convey your ideas with us via comments. 😉

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