What are the Noodp and Noydir Meta tags

Noodp and Noydir Meta tags:

In this era, Everyone know about search engines and its algorithms. Many of my friends and viewers asked to me “What is Noodp and Noydir and how do they work”, So I decided to make a briefly post on it. Webmasters and website/Blog Owners know about the word “SEO” Search Engine Optimization. SEO contains many of these factors to give rank your website in search engines. Meta-tags one of the essential factor for search engines. It helps to crawlers and bots (like a command). Noodp and Noydir Meta tags is the best indeed of SEO. 

Noodp and nodyr meta-tags
Noodp and Noydir Meta tags

Let’s start it. First Meta-tag which we learn today “Noodp” No Open directory Project. You can say that, Dmoz is an open content directory or website’s links hub. “Noodp” We need to know, What actually it does. “Noodp” meta-tag is used to avoid the Dmoz to use its own title or description from his directory. Let’s assume, If someone search on Google “How to start blog” Google filter  his search and display the result. This result consists on various websites probably consist on few open directories results/Snippets. Because every result consist on social media,directories,websites,blogs and further more. So We use “Noodp” meta-tag in our post/article to avoid Open directory Project to add his own title or description. Because we already add our meta titles or meta description on every post/articles and we want that, Google or other search engines display our provided titles or description instead of open directory project. This thing occurs in  mostly open directory searches, If your website listen in domz and someone asking to Google “How to start blog” then Google display your website in results and your website titles or descriptions contains irrelevant titles or descriptions instead your provided titles or description, Google consider this result as a negative point for your website. Mostly website/Blog Owners don’t know, why his website lose rank or presence in search engines.

Second meta-tag is “Noydir” No Yahoo Directory, Same as above criteria applies on here. Yahoo directory is the largest directory on internet.  If you have listing your website in yahoo directory so, you need to add “Noydir” meta-tag on your website pages to avoid yahoo directory to add its own titles or descriptions instead of your provided titles or description. If you are using WordPress SEO By Yoast so check these option.

Noodp and nodyr meta-tags

After add these meta-tags Google crawler update your website 2-5 days as much possibly. Google always want to provide better result to his user, that’s why Google update his nature with the passage of time. Some user use custom design on website, they can manually add these lines to add Noodp and Noydir meta-tags on his website/blog.

<meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir"/>

These elegant Meta-tags allows both directories (Dmoz,Yahoo) to use your provided titles or description in search results. Once again, I strongly recommend you to use these tags to establish finest SEO for your website same as robots.txt file and sitemap. Hopefully you understand these meta-tags. If you have any issue, feel free comment below.

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