Waste of Money on Formal Events

The Waste of money on formal events such as, wedding , engagement, award ceremony birthday and so on. These are the happy moments of life, which celebrate with full of fun. In all such formal events people exchange expensive gifts to each other. Today people too much busy in their life so, they arrange different events for their satisfaction or enjoyment.

On ceremonies people waste their money for decoration of place, make unnecessary expenditure to show their selves. Now people do not arrange these events to meet their relatives or friends to share their feelings, emotions. They only arrange these events only to show their standard.

People who are related with high-class don’t like to invite their middle class relatives. We forget the importance of ceremonies. We waste our money on different ceremonies only to impress our superior social status guests.

Waste of Money on Formal Events

Specially wedding ceremony in which people make highest expenditure. This events consist on 4-5 days. People don’t care of their saving. They spend it on expensive fancy dress, lighting and dinner, which consist on imprecise dishes.

People which are related with high-class or have extra ordinary source of income. They like to have impress events. They wanted to look separate to others. They make expensive arrangements for their events to impress their guests. Ceremony is the name of waste of money, resources, energy and time, it is not for enjoyment.

Islamic Concepts for Wastage of Money:

We can arrange these events in simple way to save our money. We should Spend our money for social welfare, built schools for poor children. Our religion prefer simple events. In Islam there is no concept of (Mehndi, Birthday) and other ceremonies, which required wastage of wealth. We should use our resources or wealth for the benefit of society, Help those people’s, Who are not able to marriage their daughters. Use our resources in the right time at right place. Celebrate our events according to our religion.

Upper class should reduce their expenses on such events. They should be satisfied with necessary availability of goods, don’t show their richness to general public or to relatives.

Government laws Against Waste of Money:

Our government should to introduced laws or restrictions for those people’s, who use extra lighting on events, present several dishes, celebrate their ceremonies up-to 3 hours.

Bring Down Waste of Money:

If we control our wasteful expenditure on ceremonies then our economy condition must be improved. Saving of electricity is very important for economy better condition. If our money circulate in right hands then we overcome the problem of inflation.

Waste of Money on Formal Events

We should do all work for the betterment of our society.


We should save money, Which we spend on ceremonies. There are many activities for the improvements of society status, which required lot  of money.

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