Use of Xrumer and Hrefer Good For SEO?

One of my regular blog header asked me question about Xrumer and its usage for SEO. Also I’m a Regular Quora lover because it’s built relationship with the globally audience and a great place for user interactions. I got some guys who was describing Xrumer significance on Quora it makes me scared because Xrumer is totally blackhat SEO tactics. He was saying he is using Xrumer for his whitehat SEO and he is getting good response, when I saw his up-votes so then I realized no one appreciating his answer that is the reflection of truth. Xrumer is a software, a paid software which task is to build hundreds of backlinks just in a few time on blogging sites comments section, discussion boards and much more, I would say that is a spamming certificate not a software.

What Google Says:

Google clearly said, they hate spamming and Google doesn’t allow you paid backlinks. But Xrumer is not about paid backlinks it’s about spreading spamming everywhere which can spoil your site rank even Google can penalize your entire site from search engine.

What Should We Do?

Spamming in terms of backlinks is not a little thing which Google can tolerate. Avoid yourself by doing that also avoid yourself by purchasing that kind of software which offers you to make bunch of backlinks just in a single click. SEO is not about backinks only that is a process, in which we provide optimized user experience with consistency.

Do not buy any kind of software which offers your similar type of services, it’s an open spam call by money hungers.

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