Understand Head Terms and Long Tail Keywords

Both head terms and long tail keywords are most prominent type of keyword in search engine, on which you will found so many gossips around internet. But nowhere else, you will not get the most appropriate answer with examples. First let me elaborate both of them separately afterwards I’ll move forward to differ both step by step.

Head Terms Keywords:

Head terms or head keyword are most major or general root of most of the keywords. In simple words, fewer words and concise keywords.

Example 1: USA politics

Example 2: USA news

Example 3: USA sports

Above all three keywords are fewer words and very concise because of short in length those are considered as head term. Because you can make thousands of keywords under those major or behalf on these head keywords.

Remember that time, when you start typing in Google so, in return Google also suggest some major keywords initially.

Understand Head Terms and Long Tail Keywords Image 1

In the above Google instant you can clearly see all keywords are almost head terms.

Long tail Keywords:

Let’s come to long tail keywords after head keywords. Long tail keywords is already proven from its own name, let me elaborate. In simple words, if your keywords greater than three words, so it can be considered as long tail keywords. Somehow it is equal or greater than four words. It could be a complete query typed by any user while searching in search engine.

Example 1: usa latest news on trump

Example 2: usa today sports college football scores

Example 3: us democratic party news today

Example 4: how old do you have to be to run for president of usa

Understand Head Terms and Long Tail Keywords Image 2

Above image shows Google suggestions, which can be considered as long tail keywords because they are long and don’t fall under head keywords.

Head terms vs Long tail Keywords:

Both are good to rank in search engine but here the thing is which works with time instant. So to be honest, rank on head terms is similar like eating watermelon at once which is nearly impossible. But rank your web pages on long tail keywords is something like eating apple which is easy to do.


Head terms and long tail keywords both are crucial and you need to know about these terms to become a SEO specialist, because these small factors creates a big hype where your destination is exist.

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