Unbounce vs GetResponse Review: Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator?

Improvements in business can be done in various ways; however one of the best ways of doing this is with the use of internet.  Nowadays, major part of the population is using internet and it has flourished as one of the best modes of advertising the business. There are variety of landing pages available in the market which includes GetResponse and Unbounce. Going further, we would discuss the similarities and differences in features of the software and how it can be used for marketing of business.

GetResponse & Unbounce – Similarities:

Both the tools are considered to be the best email marketing and landing page tools. Business houses based all over the world supports the use of these tools. Some of the similarities between the tools have been discussed below;

  1. The landing pages can be easily created without the need of having any technical or HTML knowledge. Easy and customer friendly steps can be thus followed for the creation of landing pages.
  2. The response of landing pages can be easily checked by using some of the testing features. Moreover, some effective changes can be made in the page to attract a large bunch of customers towards it.
  3. The landing page can be designed by adding some images, videos or links in it.
  4. The auto responder system is available which sends a welcome email to every new subscriber.

GetResponse vs Unbounce: Landing Page Features & Comparison:

Below we will discuss some of the most important features of GetResponse and Unbounce which shall enable the user to get a clear picture and also judge as to which landing page creator is better and should be opted for.

Landing Page Templates:

GetResponse and Unbounce, contains some of the interesting landing page templates which can be used as a strong branding option by the companies. Variety of templates is available which can be chosen to meet the expectation of business houses. The best thing is that the user is not required to gain technical knowledge to make such changes. Currently GetResponse is offering approx. more than 100 designs while Unbounce has more than 85 designs to offer to its users.

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Landing Page Creator Interface:

The GetResponse landing page builder has quite a user-friendly interface which can be operated on without the assistance of others. While on the other hand, Unbounce is a bit advanced and has some interesting features available. One of the best things about GetResponse is it offers the drop down menu option on its home page to enable users to easily access the option. However in case of Unbounce one has to get accustomed with the operation functions to reach to the option of their choice. Thus GetResponse is preferred in comparison to the others in terms of navigation.

Auto Responder System:

Both the tools i.e. GetResponse and Unbounce welcome their new subscribers with a warm welcoming note. This has been made possible with the help of Auto-Responder, which sends an email as a new customer signs or subscribes to the page. This is simply astounding, and hence it is difficult to differentiate GetResponse and Unbounce based on this feature.


Users have the option of amending the templates in both GetResponse and Unbounce.  WYSIWYG editor is used in both the tools, which is useful for dragging and dropping the items and thus creating beautiful and appealing designs. Herein, even texts and images can be added, which is one of the best things about customization. Based on this feature, again it is hard to differentiate between the tools.

Split Testing:

It is one of the most interesting and useful features which help the client use different versions of landing page and record the response of the audience. Thus with this, necessary and important changes can be made to attract the customers. Both GetResponse and Unbounce offers more than two variants to its users at a single point of time.

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator


GetResponse and Unbounce can be used for checking the performance of a landing page. Thus with these tools one can properly report and reach out to a conclusion. Client can thus track the number of subscribers or clicks on the page and also test its effectiveness. Moreover Google Analytics can also be linked along with these tools, which is yet another interesting feature of both GetResponse and Unbounce.


GetResponse and Unbounce is capable of functioning brilliantly on different kind of platforms. Moreover the templates available with both the tools are compatible with mobile devices. Herein GetResponse has an edge over Unbounce when it comes to compatibility of the templates on advanced mobile devices like phablets or tablets.


The landing pages created with GetResponse and Unbounce can be linked with different kinds of CRM software. Along with it, different social networking sites can also be linked with the landing pages. This has undoubtedly increased the level of marketing for a specific product and given a boost to the business.


The package at GetResponse can be availed at a price of just USD 15 per month however Unbounce is available at basic service package of USD 49 per month. Obviously GetResponse is better than Unbounce in terms of pricing and reachable for individuals too.

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Unbounce vs GetResponse Review Which One has a Better Landing Page Creator

Reasons to Buy GetResponse Over Unbounce:

There are various reasons owing to which GetResponse is considered to be better than Unbounce out of which some of them have been listed below;

  • GetResponse can be purchased at much cheaper price in comparison to Unbounce. Thus this tool has proved really beneficial for the owner of small-scale firms.
  • The template designs on GetResponse are more in comparison to Unbounce, thus making it a better tool.
  • The GetResponse landing page is quite easy to use in comparison to Unbounce.
  • The user interface is easy for GetResponse when compared with Unbounce.


If user needs to invest in any marketing tool, then probably GetResponse is the right choice to make. It is wise choice especially in terms of price and features it offers to the customers.

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Darrin Benner
7 years ago

They say, money is in the list and it’s a solution to make lists. When we look at these service what stops at first is it’s price. And very surprisingly, they are relatively expensive.I wonder why they price the service so high. It’s good that GetResponse monthly plan is not that high. Let me have some experience with it. I was using MailChimp and it was awesome till my list was fairly smaller. But when it increased, I faced problem in sending blog-to-rss campaign and had to wait for another 10 or 15 days, or I need to go for… Read more »

7 years ago

Great comparison over there! I had recently posted an article as well regarding these two Autoresponders comparison. You had mentioned about Integrations which I didn’t cover in my post. On the other hand, I personally think that the Time Travel feature from GetResponse is quite important to mention in the review as well.

Ashley Jones
7 years ago

I ended up canceling my aweber because I wasn’t using it much and my blog went idle. I lost about 30 subscribers because it didn’t make sense to keep paying for a service I wasn’t using. I’ve picked up some free time to start blogging again, and I want to get my mailing list going. MailChimp and Get Response both look like good ones since I don’t really want to pay for anything if I’m not using it (and under 100 subscribers, I’m probably not using it) Do you know if either of them have a max for the number… Read more »