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Top SEO Forums Sites List

Top Seo Forums Sites List:

Website audience is the first priority of web blogger. For better Seo site, you must analyze your site Seo circumstances. Submit your site in top list of high PR forums because this will work as a feed of your blog. These top Seo forums list will help you to build strong backlinks. Try to make possible that, majority of forums should be Dofollow because it will give you sturdy backlinks. These Seo forums sites list will help you to construct your site Seo infrastructure. Top Seo forums sites will able to establish high PR backlinks. High PR backlinks will makes better rank and increase the appearance in search engine results.

Top Seo Forums Sites list

Search engines also permit Page rank on the basis of quality and quantity of backlinks. Utilize appropriate keywords during creating backlinks on forums or else place.

Given forums sites list had been noted on 3 March 2015. We will not be responsible for rank fluctuations, But we will try to update this information for our users convenience with the passage of time. We mentioned numbers of high PR top Seo forums list form Seo perspective, Which is following below,

Forums Source Page Rank Alexa Rank (Global)
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 forums.adobe.com 9 77
 www.drupal.org/forum 9 1,441
 www.flickr.com/help/forum 9 113
 forum.joomla.org 8 747
 forums.cpanel.net 8 1,738
 answers.microsoft.com 8 44
 bbpress.org/forums 8 14,937
 flagcounter.boardhost.com 8 15,831
 pkp.sfu.ca/support/forum 8 9,823
 www.awasu.com/forums 8 126,428
 forums.cnet.com 7 111
 forum.siteground.com 7 1,845
 forum.filezilla-project.org 7 6,126
 forums.hostgator.com 7 304
 community.sitepoint.com 7 1,010
 www.ewebdiscussion.com 7 40,051
 forum.deviantart.com 6 159
 forums.mysql.com 6 1,271
 www.feedforall.com/forum 6 62,160
 www.harmonycentral.com/forum 6 41,150
 forums.mozillazine.org 6 7,493
 forums.digitalpoint.com 5 2,461
 www.webhostingtalk.com 5 1,563
 www.webcosmoforums.com 4 19,269
 www.v7n.com/forums 4 8,008
 www.websitebabble.com 4 38,592
 www.warriorforum.com 4 498
 www.siteownersforums.com 3 29,783
 forums.ukwebmasterworld.com 3 91,278
 www.accessifyforum.com 3 125,495
 www.freehostforum.com 3 79,280
 forum.knowledgeidea.com N/A 84,427

Hopefully, above list will accomplish your Seo all aspects. Given Seo forums sites list, will help you a lot to gain Dofollow backlinks. Join these communities and his millions of users, Which might be your consumer/visitors in a days. But respect their rules and regulations and don’t violate it. Make it part of your routine and interaction in these discussion boards on daily basis, Resultant users will appreciate your task and they will be joined your site because your work or sharing ideas will look like professional.

Catchy Note:

Almost forums are not allowed to put signature on first day after registration due to the spamming and more user activities. So don’t be worried, Read their F.A.Q or Rules & regulations and follow them. Don’t do bulk of replies or thread at once because this is prohibited for newbies and considered as a spamming. Make your signature attractive and consist on target keywords. Don’t add more than three URL inside your signatures. Eventually, Again repeat respect their rules and regulations, otherwise they will terminate your account permanently.

Let me know that, Are you ready for this ultimate task. All given forums are well-known and experienced and also will take increases your experience with the passage of time. We would suggest you, must read high PR social bookmarking sites. Yet, If you have any problem then leave your comment below. 😉

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Masud Hasan
8 years ago

I have seen the list of forum posting site. It is very few numbers of website. Please try to give us atleast 50 website list. But I think this is the site of high PR and if we can create links on these site it will be more effective for our website. I believe it bring a good result for our website and we will achieve a good position on search engines. Thanks Siraj Mahmood.

8 years ago

I must also add that while it is interesting and rewarding to write a this kind of informative article.

Amar Thakur
7 years ago

Thanks Siraj Mahmood for the list of one of best SEO forums 🙂

7 years ago

” forum.joomla.org” is overated coz guest and google can’t see Profile without registration

Steve Jim
7 years ago

Thanks you Siraj Mahmood for the list, its helpful for me 🙂

iworks digital
7 years ago

I couldn’t resist myself to leave a comment for the excellent list you shared. Certainly helped me to get good high PR backlinks. Thanks in advance.

waseem r awan
waseem r awan
7 years ago

Any 1 here graduate or undergraduate?

7 years ago

I read your inspiring content and trying to take benefit of it in my keywords ranking.

6 years ago


Thanks for the information. I am working on one by one from the list.

5 years ago

Thanks for your information. It is really helpful.

5 years ago

Its really complete list but i think Page rank is replaced with domain authority and page authority so you must update your post.