Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

In this era of information and technology, almost every one of us uses internet for various purposes. For example, a student in Pakistan might search for top colleges in the USA  that are offering engineering degrees and a human resource manager would be looking for an electrical engineer, who can maintain a production plant. So, irrespective of nature and purpose the use of internet is very common in our life that sometimes we don’t even realize it. In simple words, it is difficult to imagine a life without the internet and especially products like free browsers.

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

Nowadays with the invention of smartphones, access of internet isn’t just limited to home or office. In fact, it is always with you in shape of a smartphone. So then the important questions are:

  • Which means we use to access the World Wide Web?
  • Is it best mean available?
  • Are there other more efficient tools to explore the relevant websites on internet?
  • Does, it have an efficient way to control the noise while we visit websites etc.

All of these vital questions can be answered. If, we are mindful of various browsers and their features. Because it’ basic to any system that is actively connected to internet. It’s your browser that shows the different relevant options related to your queries. Therefore, it is key that we should be aware of the top-ranked internet browsing software and if they are free it would be an added advantage. So, in the subsequent part of this essay. We will provide you the list of top-five free browsers that are absolutely free for your android handset.

List of Free Browsers

  • Vivaldi Browser
  • Ecosia Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera Browsers

Vivaldi Browser

It is the most recent browser on our list which was generated by developers. Who worked at Opera so they were mindful of the main operations of a browser. Vivaldi Browser is equipped with various consumer-friendly features. The desktop version incorporates synchronization with cross platforms, an implaned note function, website screenshot, privacy mode and last but not least swift change of search engine when required.

To download this browser for your android set click Vivaldi Browser.



Best Free Browsers for Smartphones

Ecosia Browser

Ecosia is a socially responsible mobile web browser and its main focus is to make the world a green place. That is why it donate 80 percent of its profit to grow and look after trees or plants. Like other main browsers, this environmentally friendly browser offers features such as bookmarks, different tabs, privacy browsing mode and downloads. But being high on social responsibility factors. As an organization, Ecosia provides its users a sense of identification with its browser that they are part of something big and their activities are in some way will assist the world to be a better place.

To install the browser for your android smartphone click, Ecosia Browser.


Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

Google Chrome

This is the most well-known browser and ranked top in our list of browsers. This android browser is often pre-installed within a handset you buy and if someone after purchasing the handset keep using it then it would be a witty choice. Its main characteristics envelopes limitless browsing tabs, synchronize with google chrome besides latest martial designs available, highly supportive for most android operating systems and there are several other characteristic for basic or power browsing. Moreover, there are categories of chrome browser namely beta chrome, regular google chrome, chrome canary and chrome dev. All these types have always proved to have the latest browsing features for android before any other browser.

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

For the installation of click, Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser was launched by Microsoft incorporation 2015 for Windows. But recently in 2017, it has been launched for Android and iOS. Its core feature incorporates its lower usage of storage capacity and it also effectively synchronizes with desktop version. Other features of this software are hub characteristics, read bar code, privacy mode and voice recognition etc. This browser is most suitable who often uses other products of Microsoft in their system because it has the utmost compatibility with them.

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

For free download press on Microsoft Edge.

Opera Browsers

This is also very effective browsers for android phones which was first released on the 10th of April,  1995 by Opera. It also works for Window and iOS. This browser is often found help in controling noise like unexpected advertisements while one is viewing a website because it has a partial feature of ad block in it. Moreover, it has its own dashboard where you can find new and favorite stores along with an option to compress and save the video of your liking. Alike, other major browser by making an account with opera user can synchronize the data of android version with desktop. This software like Microsoft Edge also does not require much space on your storage drive.  

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

To download free click on Opera Browser.

In nutshell in this article, we have provided internet users a list of top free browsers for android phones. So in this article authors have provided brief descriptions related to all five top free browsers. Which smartphone users can opt, depending on their requirements. For example, if a user requires low storage consuming browser than he or she should look for Opera or Microsoft Edge. Moreover, if a user is high on social responsibility factor then he/she should choose the Ecosia Browser.

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