Top 5 Website Speed Test Tools For Free

If we are talking about website speed test tools, so first we need to know that, why we need these tools. Almost bloggers are not aware about speed optimization sites advantages. But if your site are working fine already, then you will be probably desire to know about your site performance. On internet surrounding, there are many of websites, which gives you opportunity to find out your site performance. But here we will reveal only finest ones.

Website Speed Test Tools:

Let’s see the following top website speed test tools.

Pingdom Tools

Website Speed Test Tools

Pingdom is an excellent website speed checker tool, which is offering website absolute monitoring services in affordable prices. But some tools are free for user convenience. In which, you can easily find your web pages loading speed, website DNS health even you can ping your website anytime. Pingdom tools also reveals your mistakes or errors, so you can resolve them easily. Pingdom tool analyze your entire website speed, performance, size even backend uncompressed files etc.


Website Speed Test Tools

GTmetrix is a website speed analyzer along many more features. You can optimize your website easily because GTmetrix is fully free for everyone. You can measure your site performance there without any trouble. GTmetrix analyze your site speed, page size, multiple region testing feature, specific page score etc. Interesting thing about GTmetrix is that, it will measure your site mistakes or errors even un-optimized images, uncompressed files, leverage browsing cache etc.

PageSpeed Insights

Website Speed Test Tools

PageSpeed Insight is a popular page analyzer by Google Inc. You can analyze your website and find out your site current score. On PageSpeed Insight, you are capable to check your site performance on multiple devices. PageSpeed Insight also scan your whole site efficiency and discover the tragic mistakes on server-side, you can find these mistake then purge from your website.


Website Speed Test Tools

QuickSprout is one of the finest online website measurement tool. In other words, an absolute pro solution for every blogger. QuickSprout check your site speed , SEO rank, page size, social media presence, backlinks quality, responsiveness checker, keyword density checker etc. QuickSprout gives some necessary recommendations from SEO perspective. Effective tools equipped with numerous features.


Website Speed Test Tools

WebPageTest is a website testing tools for professionals, because this tools analyze backend coding files. WebPageTest is determine the current page loading speed and provide efficient results. You can review your site matrix from multiple locations along multiple browsers. Easy to use interface for user convenience.

Consequently, if you find your mistakes or errors then its time to resolve them. Keep remember that, do not ignore uncompressed files because server-side errors can reduce your site speed, which might put bad impact on users. For more interaction on this topic, you can submit your queries below.

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Kasia Krn
Kasia Krn
9 years ago

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.