Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free

As you know that Magento is a finest and popular eCommerce CMS (Content Management System). Magento is famous due to his built-in features and customizable options. Magento have thousands of extension under Seo marketing category but few are tested and experienced by us, which we would love to highlight here. because of our users and readers convenience or better practice. In this article, we will reveal top 5 Magento Seo extensions which is enough to put enthusiasm on your website Seo.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions:

As we said, Magento have the numerous extension for Seo but few are most popular due to many reasons. We will listed only those extensions, which have great reviews by his active users and have much popularity score in Magneto community.

Few are also experienced by us in our one of the great projects like Datta Express (Best Online Shopping Store in Pakistan). We only suggest or highlight only those extension, which can be proven best to improve your Seo on website.

Let’s check it out the prominent Seo extensions one by one with short description.

1: CreareSEO:

Creare Seo is one of the highest rated and also have 1000+ popularity score. It is totally free for all Magento community users. It has following core features like nofollow and noindex tag for categories pages, disable keyword option because keywords doesn’t exist in Google Search engine, real-time .htaccess and robots .txt file editor.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free creare seo

There are further extended amazing features,  default meta titles/description for pages and products, twitter card integration for product pages, duplicate product button on product pages can be disabled to avoid replication, Google sitelink search support, organizations schema and much more.

2: Semantic SEO for Rich Snippets:

Semantic Seo for Rich Snippets is top listed due to his popularity score 10,000+ among Magento community users.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free Rich Snippets

Through this Magneto extension, you can easily highlight your products details in search engines especially Google and Yahoo. By using this extension, you may be able to create rich snippets of each product include price user reviews, product availability in stock or not, category etc.

3: Layered Navigation SEO:

Layered navigation Seo is one of the best shopping store extension from many perspective. First of all this extension comes with price slider, which is essential almost for every online store because it makes easy to filter your budget level products with in seconds.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free Layered Navigation

Another one important one features of this extension is Seo friendly URL during filtering products, while filtering products filter attributes can makes your URL ugly from which this extension stop to do it and also helps to improve its URL structure.

4: SEO Pack by GPMD:

SEO pack by GPMD is especially designed to improve on-page optimization on ecommerce store. GPMD popularity score is approximately 1000, which is sufficient to prove that performance is reliable and trustworthy.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free GPMD

By using this extension, you can perform many things like indextion control on product and category pages even will help you to add meta robots tags noindex nofollow attributes on filter pages.

5: Internal SEO Linking:

Internal linking is most vital part of on-page Seo. Internal Seo linking extension will create internal links on particular or chosen keywords, and you also can add further attributes like URL title, URL target open in new tab, link bold italic etc. Simple and responsive extension from Seo point of view.

Top 5 Magento SEO Extensions For Free internal linking

Personally, I would prefer this extension to my all readers because you can exclude all CMS pages like homepage, customer service pages etc and set limit per page internal link so there is s much customization features accompanied this extension.

Hopefully, these all above mentioned extension would be the part of your online store. Let me know, if you have any question or like that listed Magento extensions. You may also discussion with us further on that topic on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

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