Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins:

Nowadays social media is playing a crucial role in grabbing tremendous traffic and top position on Google, and also enhances better engagement. You require inserting a great social sharing WordPress plugins in order to acquire huge benefits from social media. In this way all your actions can be shared effortlessly and it even enhances participation across the social signals. We’ve mentioned here some of the 10 best free Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins that will be helpful for your WordPress website.

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins

1. Cunjo

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins Cunjo

Cunjo is a brilliant free social media sharing plugin along with mobile-friendly, fresh, modish and adaptable design. Its features include added free Social Analytics feature, added more design adaptability, added share on VK feature, core plugin for extension reasons, suit the new setting requirements, capability to apply numerous widgets, redevelop Cunjo widgets, inserted RTL support, added share by email feature, etc.

2. Social Media Feather

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins Social Media Feather

This few social media plugin is highly used that is easy, light-weighted, pretty, modern and valuable with buttons and icons for swift and simple sharing. Its’ important features cover retina and elevated resolution displays, customizable for URLs and titles, incorporated WordPress social sharing, a default fresh icon sets, and quick unremarkable social bookmarks.

3. Simple Share Buttons Adder

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins Social share buttons adder

It is a free and amazing WordPress plugin that provides you in inserting share buttons to your every post, pages or contents. This plugin is easy to utilize, offering approach to enjoy essential features, such as extremely lightweight, supporting custom images, and ability to position different image.

4. Floating Social Bar

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins floating social bar

This plugin is a lightweight, free and magnificent plugin that included a floating sharing buttons to your contents, posts, or pages. Floating Social Bar provides you a horizontal floating button for sharing your contents on social media networks. Its design is striking for the visitors to get attracted towards your site. Features involve easy to use, quick and slim, drag and drop the social button choices, and works finely for social sharing at WordPress.

5. Jetpack by

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins jetpack

Jetpack is the highest ranking social sharing WordPress plugin that is simple to use so that your contents are shared in all the social media channels in small time. Its features include easy customized choice, tools to handle contents, mobile-theme ready, huge visitor engagement, and security based plugin for pages or contents.  

6. Shareaholic

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins Shareaholic

Being a free WordPress plugin, Shareaholic is appropriate for using distinct CMS. Not only the social sharing buttons are attractive, but also you have the possibility to alter the button look. You’ve to register in order to enjoy its features that include supporting WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, and Shopify; supporting social analytics; supporting shortcode placement; having command whether or not share counts exhibited; and showcasing related contents.

7. Flare

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins flare

This sharing plugin has eye-catchy designs for its audiences. Its’ awesome sharing bar lets you to share your contents or posts on every social media channels for increasing the engagements. Its features cover: exhibit your Flare at bottom, top, right or left sides; configure numerous share icons; add a Follow Me widget; Flare exhibited on the right and left of your post; order your icons and customize their look, etc.

8. Digg Digg

Top 10 Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins Digg Digg

With the help of Digg Digg plugin, you can showcase your social sharing buttons on your blog and benefit from all the social media channels. You can insert a floating bar to the sharing buttons. Its’ vital features involve support in selection mode; lazy loading to enhance website presentation; left or right scrolling result like; and support for print and email services.

9. Slick Social Share Buttons

This social media plugin is easy to use that is filled with many choices. It can be simply customized by you with specify pages and posts, and button types, to showcase them in social media networks. It even adds a floating bar and a slide out share. You can make your best choice of customizing location, direction, animation speed, floating speed, etc.

10. Social Media Widget

This free social sharing WP plugin provides support to all the social networking channels. It recommends you 3 icon sizes, 4 icon styles and 4 animation styles for creating your social network out of the box. The plugin even permits email and RSS with simple customized choices. You can craft a sidebar widget for social sharing, and also insert links to your every sharing profile as well as social media channels.

Therefore, as the above social media plugins are free, they execute superbly for your web pages, and your posted contents with excellent social sharing functions. These plugins will assist in achieving your social activities at ease for benefiting from most of the productivity from your website pages.

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