Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites For Seo

Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social Bookmarking emerged in 1996 and now it has become the task of webmasters or Seo. Social bookmarking sites not store data itself, they just pass reference in the shape of links and meta-information like description, title and tagging. Social Bookmarking sites provide the interface to his user for rating and commenting on that post, which we had submitted few minutes ago.

Top 10 social bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking sites is the crucial factor of Search Engine Optimization. Social Bookmarking is essential because high volume of sites links/backlinks, can take return good capacity of traffic and also increase Google Page Rank in search engine. Now it became the trends of Seo. Here we will revealing that, Top 10 Social Bookmarking sites with the short introduction of sites criteria. Before declare the top bookmarking sites, We need to clear few things. whose sites that we will showing, whose rank can be updated with the passage of time. Hopefully, You will already familiar with few sites. Now look at the following list of Social Bookmarking Sites list;


Everyone know that name and have enough experience with that. No-doubt, You can be a player of Facebook. But this can be possible that you are not aware with this totally. Facebook have 750 million+ approximate monthly user and have an honor of world largest social network. Facebook also considered as a social bookmarking site. Because Here we share or submit link on timelines and largest pages or groups. We also interact with our friends and send link to friends though chatting. Here is numerous of sources that can become the reason of link submission on Facebook. Now don’t be late and start it today.


Twitter is also familiar name and one of the second largest social networking platform. Twitter has 300 approximate monthly user with the most popular social networking platform. Twitter Alexa  rank Globally is 8 and rank in unites states is 7 and now you can estimate its popularity. Twitter also similar like Facebook but little bit different. You can simply submit you daily sites link in the shape of tweets. More followers means more traffic and more traffic is equivalent to more revenue. Start your journey with twitter instantly.

Google Plus:

Google plus is my favorite social bookmarking site network, Behind this, numerous reasons but Google plus is well-efficient and Honorable social platform. Google plus is considered as a third largest social network with 150 million+ approximate monthly users. Google plus is also important in the perspective of Seo. Google plus still showing posts on search results that’s why his users getting traffic on his sites. Almost bloggers ignore the presence of Google plus, I have a message for all of them “Don’t ignore Organic traffic”.


Pinterest is an interesting social bookmarking site that, which have numerous categories with numerous boards. Yes, Here we create main board and insert numbers of pins inside in it. One pin is considered as a one link submission. You can create own boards and add your followers in it. You can keep update your follower with create new pins daily. Pinterest 250 million+ approximate monthly users. Pinterest have 26 globally Alexa rank and 16 Alexa rank in united states. Join this finest social network.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform, where everyone can start his blog journey. Tumblr also known as popular social bookmarking site. Tumblr provide the blogging interface for his users to start short form of blog and share multimedia type things. Tumblr have 115 million+ approximate monthly users. Tumblr have 36 globally Alexa rank and 15 Alexa rank in united states. You can also create a blog on tumblr and share photos, videos, articles etc. Now, Create a blog on tumblr.


Reddit is another popular internet front page and social community. Reddit have 40 million+ approximate monthly users. Reddit have 38 globally Alexa rank and 10 Alexa rank in united states. But keep remember that, Reddit have strict polices for users. Follow them otherwise they will drop your submission even your domain in spam box. You can submit 2-3 links/per day,don’t submit bulk of link because there is some restrictions. Simply add links and choose maximum users category then submit it. Almost bloggers don’t avail benefits from Reddit network, because they don’t have enough knowledge about this. Actually Reddit is pure bookmarking site that’s why mostly peoples don’t understand its criteria, You need to spend two or three days then you will be familiar with this. Yet, If you are not a part of Reddit community then join it today.


StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds new website, blogs, photos and also videos. StumbleUpon show recommend websites, photos or videos to his users. StumbleUpon is also include in pure social bookmarking sites. Everyone can be the part of this magnificent community. You can also share your daily blog post reference/links here with short descriptions and tagging. StumbleUpon is a great way to drive huge traffic on your site. StumbleUpon have 30 million+ approximate monthly users. StumbleUpon have 204 globally Alexa rank with great appearance in search result. You could be the next person of this community.


Digg is a current news and fresh articles talking about social bookmarking site. Digg also submit links, articles and videos etc. Digg has much appearance in search results. Digg 70 million+ approximate monthly users. Digg have 598 globally Alexa rank and 458 Alexa rank in united states. You can create your Digg account through Facebook and twitter profiles, just switch your social accounts with Digg then enjoy it.


Folkd is also similar like delicious but folked is premium. Folkd is not free like above, they charge 1$/per month. Folkd is used to submit references and links submission. Peoples see your links submission and visit your site, if they like it. Folkd have good appearance on search engines. Folkd have 3.5 million+ approximate monthly users. Folkd have 2,819 globally Alexa rank and 295 Alexa rank in India. Become a member of Folkd community.


Delicious is also similar like Reddit and others social bookmarking sites. Delicious is used to submit links and daily updates or easy to use interface. Delicious also provide the following or subscription system for people’s interaction. Delicious have 2 million+ approximate monthly users.Delicious have 1,514 globally Alexa rank and 2,968 Alexa rank in united states. Delicious also have enough appearance in search engines results. You can take advantage of delicious, to become the member of delicious.

Let us know, Are you getting benefits from these top social bookmarking sites. If you want to know the secret of huge traffic, Must read 5 things that will improve Organic Seo. For further assistance to us, leave your comment below. 😉

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Prafull singh
9 years ago

Great idea to do seo along with social book marking.Now i’m going to make a page for my website of all above sites.

Shrey Patel
Shrey Patel
9 years ago

Top and Best High Page Rank New Social Bookmarking Website for 2015.

Avnish Gautam
Avnish Gautam
9 years ago

These above shared social bookmarking sites are very useful for quality link building.

John mail buzz
9 years ago

Yes, Really Descriptive and easy to understand article you posted. Thanks for your kind and effective post….

9 years ago

Thanks for the list..
I need it for my new website 😀

Digve Shwar
Digve Shwar
9 years ago

Thanks for this social bookmarking side list.

8 years ago

Well, Social Bookmarking is an awesome way to build some authority to our website as we can get quality dofollow links from some high PR bookmarking sites, but more than this, social signals send great authority to our sites and tells Google to trust our website. And moreover can also help gain some link juice, which is really the key, when it comes to online success. So, overall, an important method, when it comes to Growth of a Blog.

7 years ago

Great knowledge to share with us , sir here i am occur problem to operate social network.