Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO is a most appealing job that I ever had done in my life. Before you go to in someone else company for a Seo job interview, you should read these top 10 Seo interview questions and answers. I got these question from my experience, which I had suffered in past. Probably, these questions will definitely help you to get maximum points while giving interviews.

Top 10 SEO Interview Questions and Answers

SEO Interview Questions and Answers:

By the way, Seo has no threshold of Q/A but I will only talk about most essential and prominent. Because lots of interviews candidate have a headache that what questions will asked next person to you? Huge curiosity can make big headache in your mind. So let’s talk about of these top 10 emerging Seo interview questions and their answers.

Question 1: What is SEO and how many kinds of SEO?

Answer: Seo stands for search engine optimization and Seo two kinds respectively.

  • On-Page Seo
  • Off-Page Seo

Question 2: How Seo can be proved helpful in our business?

Answer: Seo is use to build website reputation in search engine by using white hat Seo factors. Seo is also use to maximize your business in the shape of grabing organic traffic from search engines. Seo is 100% effective and long relationship, Seo makes your website user or search engine friendly with the passage of time. Organic traffic boost your Alexa and domain authority. Organic traffic will be come on your site by using keywords searching on search engines so that is why it is 100% effective because user seeking their desire product and they got your web page in search results.

Question 3: Is Keywords have any importance in Seo?

Answer: Absolutely Yes, user’s come on your site by using or searching any particular keywords. So we can not overlook this necessary aspect at any cost. Keyword placement and their selection is another important scenario. Must read is keyword dead in Seo or not? I would like to quote most important thing here is that Google doesn’t use meta keywords in search ranking anymore.

Question: 4: How long Seo will take to show their results?

Answer: Their is not fix time, but on mysterious behavior I want to say approximately and minimum 3 month. Organic results will take time to show their effectiveness but once it’s done then it will be for long time relationship.

Question 5: What are noydir and noodp, differentiate both?

Answer: Noydir is use for Yahoo directory to stop use their own meta title and descriptions instead of us. And Noodp is use for Dmoz an open directory project to stop use their own meta title and descriptions instead of us.

Question 6: How would you describe cross linking and their benefits?

Answer: Cross linking can be possible from two ways, internally and externally. Link your old post in your new posts and vice versa is to be considered in internal cross linking. Link your blog post to another website or blog post and vice versa is to be considered in external cross linking. But the condition is that, your incoming and outgoing links should be away from spamming and should be under white hat Seo policies.

Question 7: What things are most beneficial to boost PageRank?

Answer: High domain authority backlinks can be the prominent cause of the high PR but under some circumstances. Your incoming backlinks should be Dofollow because nofollow links doesn’t consider in search engine ranking. Must read what is nofollow and dofollow rel attributes?

Question 8: Is Guest Blogging Good For Backlinks? (Logical Q)

Answer: Google doesn’t like this way to building backlinks overall. Because majority of folks use this way to building backlinks and thus they would have much spamming. Unlike, Guest posting can be fair deal for you if your backlinks looking like natural instead of premium. Google have numerous algorithms, which can easily understood your link building strategy so don’t be over-smart.

Question 9: Is Blog Commenting effective anymore?

Answer: It is but it is not, Blog commenting is useful but only from getting traffic perspective not from rank point of view. Blog commenting now became oldest trend, because that is now 90% considered in spamming and easy to do. Must read our reply in community forum on Is Blog Commenting Effective?

Question 10: How would you describe Image Optimization?

Answer: Image optimization is one of the most important factor of Seo. Image name and Alt tag should be relevant to your product name or article name. Secondly, do not use copyrighted images because it is against search engine policies. Image size should be standard such as 500×300, 600×400 etc. Images consumes lots of bandwidth in your browser to load from hosting server but if your images are optimized so that aspect directly impact on your site speed in good manner. From my experience, better website speed is considered as your Seo plus point.

We collected and mentioned above question from our day-to-day experience. Above questions belongs to basic and advance level Seo tactics. May be some question will be ordinary but have great worth in Seo field. For more discussion and your queries, you may join us on our community forum or can comment below.

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Abhilash P S
Abhilash P S
8 years ago

Thank you for these questions, I’m about to attend an interview next month for an SEO analyst post.

Thank you for sharing.