Top 10 Important Google Ranking Factors For Beginners

Did you know that, how much beginners have knowledge about Google ranking factors and its importance. Because Google ranking factors are necessary things that you need to learn them. Google have its own numerous algorithms to manipulate his search engine searches, Google ranking factors will help you to understand these algorithms as much as possible. These factors will boost your website search engine rank and searching results.

Top 10 Important Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors For Beginners:

We designed this post to understand the search engine fluctuation for beginners. Beginners always wants to learn about Google algorithms and its ranking factors to boost his blogging journey. Now I’m going to reveal and elaborate these Google ranking factors, which will make your website healthy and worthy.

1. Keyword in Title tag:

Presence of keyword should be in the beginning of the title tag. According to Seo, targeting keywords should be appeared in the beginning of the title tag, which makes your content easy to understand for search engine.

2.Keyword in Headings:

It is a good practice to insert your target keyword in prominent heading (H1, H2). Keywords in headings gives a strong look to your blog content. It is essential Google ranking factor so don’t overlook this aspect.

3.Keyword in First Paragraph:

Your focus keyword should be appeared inside the first paragraph of your content. You can repeat the target keywords inside first paragraph, which is one times minimum and two times maximum. Excessive usage of keywords inside first paragraph is prohibited, because it can spoil the content sequence.

4.Keyword Density:

Most important Google ranking factor from Seo perspective. Keyword density refers to that, how many times a target keywords appear in your post title, headings, content, URL and image with alt tag. According to Seo experts, Keyword density 1.50% considered as great and perfect from Seo point of view.

5.Keyword in Meta-title & Description:

Google searching algorithms filter his searches accordingly meta information. Yes, I’m talking about meta-title, meta-description, which are playing incredible role in ranking factors. Your target keywords should be appeared in your meta title at the beginning and meta-description. But remember that, abundance of keyword in meta-title and description can spoil your search engine snippet potential. So do not use your focus keywords more than 1 times in meta-title and 3 time in meta-description. Most of the bloggers have lot of conflicts about meta-keywords, Must Read, Google Doesn’t Use Keywords Meta tag in web ranking.

6.Social Media Sharing:

When you have published your post on your blog, so now let’s start sharing on social media sites. Most of blogger avoid sharing due to laziness, but they are putting his site rank into ditch by itself. Social sharing is now become a most compulsory component of Search engine optimization. As a website administrator, it is your responsibility to share your recent published post on social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn.

7.Social Bookmarking Submission:

If you are a beginners, so probably you will not acquainted with social bookmarking submission process. Search engines now becoming innovative with the passage of times. Similarly, Your articles references or sources should be appeared on high-ranking website. Social bookmarking sites doesn’t store data itself, they just store data location address. The prominent advantage of social bookmarking submission is incoming rich traffic, which you will receive from these rich websites.

8.Internal Link Building:

Internal link building structure is a big matter in Seo, but unfortunately, minority of bloggers are availing this aspect. Internal link building might be a cause of lot of pageviews on website, lot of pageviews will reduce your website bounce rate, which is great from ranking and revenue perspective. So try to adopt this habit to construct valuable internal links on meaningful keywords.

9.Accurate and Authentic Content:

Search engine now becomes smarter than before now they gives his first preference to accurate and authentic content. If your content is good from grammatically, punctuation, sentences perspective and 100% original generated instead of copied content so your content will be able to get search engine attention first. Replicated content can fall your site rank into ditch so you need to avoid these kind of redundant activities.

Authentication is necessary before publish any news or post. If you published any post without confirmation so it can arise a lot of complexities among your user and you. So as a responsible writer, you need to confirm your theme reality before publish. If you have any strong proof and example so share it with your readers to make clear your words.

10.Daily Update:

Responsibility is everything in blogging, daily update your blog content with new one’s. It should be your first priority to update your daily content with consistency. Second thing is that, update or refresh your old blog post because old is Gold and old posts can boost your site traffic easily.

Another important tip for intellectual bloggers, who are interested to improve his website traffic with in days, must broadcast newsletter emails to your all subscribers, this newsletter should be equipped with recent published articles reference and sources. You also can mention your website promotions and offers inside this branded newsletter. Newsletter always update your readers and clients, whether, they come to your website or not. You also can read, Authentic ways to improve website traffic.

Set your daily schedule according to your responsibilities as a blogger.  Time is money and you need to save your precious time as much you can. Often blogger do not perform their work regularly, which becomes a big disaster from their side. So its time to grow up and take your responsibilities as a professional blogger.

Let us know, if you learned a lot of things and aspects from this post. If you like this article then must share with your friends because sharing is caring. If you have better one ideas and experience, which you are interested to share with us, so you can write for us to expose your hidden talent. For more discussion on this topic and your valuable opinions, you can join us via comment. 😉

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