Top 10 Discourse Plugins List

If you are using discourse at this moment so you should need to read this article entirely. Because it contains the major discourse plugins with their shot description. As we discussed earlier about our discourse one week review that discourse have plugin similar like WordPress to extend the capabilities and characteristics.

Top 10 Discourse Plugins List:

In recent few months, we experienced many things very well and still doing it. So i personally want to share our community forum experience with you about useful and major discourse plugins.

Top 10 Discourse Plugins List

As we know, discourse is now becoming an emerging software for community forums along their plugin usage makes it more extendable platform. Let see these plugin’s list with their short intro.

Plugins Usage
Docker Manager This plugin use for basic monitoring and upgrade facilities by using docker template, by default this plugin will be installed during discourse installation.
LazyYT This plugin use for load YouTube videos on discourse forum, by default this plugin will be installed during discourse installation.
Discourse Adplugin Official discourse advertising plugin comes with many stunning features advertisement label, advertisement positions and compatible with AdSense, Amazon affiliate and DFP.
Discourse Solved This plugin provides “Answer Solved Button” and admin/moderator even question creator can give him to the replied person for which you are sure that he/she gave correct answer.
Discourse bbcode Color Use for change text colors on forum topics via bbcode. For example [color=Red] and [/color]
Discourse Header Links This plugin will put links inside header like Menus ahead the header logo
Discourse Akismet This plugin will be use for detect and stop spam on discourse, for this purpose you need an API key which you can get from Akismet website.
Discourse Tagging This plugin provides tagging functionality in discourse, when user create topics during this they can attach tags with it.
Discourse Translator This plugin adds the translating ability in discourse by using Microsoft translator, for this you need a Microsoft translator API key.
Discourse Spoiler Alert This plugin will hide or drop blur on applied text.

Above all plugins are considered as major discourse plugins, to know about more new discourse plugin and their latest updates see discourse meta extensibility section.

Let us know, if you find this article and their mention sources useful for your discourse journey. If you do not know, how to install discourse plugin then read Install discourse plugins. For more discussion and your opinions, you may join us on community forum or leave your comment below.

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