Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins:

Too many spams can really be annoying at WordPress. Comment spam is something that is a frustrating problem along with online presence. Spam can damage your authority with search engines and website visitors. So warding off spam can benefit your business to a great extent! Nowadays WordPress anti-spam plugins are abundant, but it can be quite a daunting job to find out the right plugin in order to guard your WordPress website from frequent spam comments. Here we’re going to discuss on top 10 anti-spam WordPress plugins, which may protect your WordPress website from attack of spams.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

1. Akismet

Akismet is one of the trendiest anti-spam plugins for the WordPress along with more than 22 millions download. Firstly sign up for account, pick an Akismet plan, and acquire API key for activating your subscription.  After configuration of API key, Akismet begins to function. Akishmet actually appears pre-installed on every new WP installation, well-built and managed by WordPress owner. It has the capacity to block the comment spam automatically on the WP blog. Akismet is available free for personal use, but you require paying $5-$50 per month for commercial websites.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

2. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

This anti-spam plugin applies two kinds of layers- Algorithmic layer and JavaScript/Cookies layer that are aimed to filter out every single spam. They are permitted to include a comment on your website, but if it goes with spam checklists, then that particular comment won’t even reach your inbox. The readers or the website owner cannot identify the spam presence as it directly prevents them from arriving at the WP database.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

3. WordPress Zero Spam

An alternative option to the above plugin is WordPress Zero Spam. Even you don’t like trying the previous plugin for any reason, you can use this plugin as its functions are quite similar too. No use of captcha is needed, and you don’t have to get worried about any spam approaching your site. The WP Zero Spam plugin also appears manageable with the entire well-coded WordPress theme.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

4. Anti-spam by Clean Talk

This plugin blocks the comment spam as well as signup spam in WordPress site. You can freely download the plugin, but you’ll need an approach key that can be obtained straightly from CleanTalk’s servers. Though paid, but services are as much reasonable as $8 for a particular website. It also has 30-day free trial available.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

5. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin is easy and effectual for your WordPress blog. It gives an opportunity to include your comment section and inquire the users for verifying that they aren’t spammer. Thus this plugin is appropriate for connecting your visitors as it includes checkbox method.      

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

6. WangGuard

Being a free anti-spam plugin, WangGuard can obstruct spam registrations on your WP website. WangGuard has the capacity to keep your website away from any spam users from doing registration into new accounts. It has a strong set of options for eradicating the mass spam registrations on your site.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

7. Antispam bee

Antispam bee plugin is considered as a helpful and consistent one which stops your blog from the spam comments as well as trackbacks. You can not only fight off spam comments but also maintain your website secure from the spam comments. The plugin will also send email notifications about the spam comments to the users and automatically keeps your spam folder dirt free.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins


WP-reCAPTCHA, which is WordPress version of reCAPTCHA, provides you the power exercised against the spammers by likes of Facebook and Google. This plugin disfigures wordings to craft new images which eradicate all the spammers.

9. SPAM Free WordPress

This is yet another anti-spam plugin which guarantees to maintain your website free from unwanted spam. It can stop the automated spam. It lets the users to select whether they would want to eliminate spam in an automatic way that can save time too. Its features involve low database loafing in important server traffic, zero-reliance on CAPTACHA, and IP address blacklisting.

10. Spam Stopper

With the help of Spam Stopper plugin, the spam can be brought to a halt. It utilizes CAPTCHA verification process for testing and authenticating all the comments left by your users. If any spam comment is identified, it will track and stop it at that moment. This plugin is simple to set up and after that it runs smoothly. It aims spambots which attacks blogs with many junks.

Therefore, with the above efficient anti-spam WordPress plugins, you can stay away from the unnecessary spam comments hitting your website often! These worthy plugins will also assist you in perking up your ranking position on Google and offer an excellent user experience with your WP site.

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