Top 10 Android Games of All Time

As we and you know that almost android user’s likes to play games on his android phones. Personally I played many games on my android smartphone so far in my spare time, which is good for mental comfort. These one’s games will never feel you bore and will make your mind more robust and fast. As you and me knows that, Android have numerous games in different categories but today we will discuss on top 10 Android games of all time, which almost contains on my experience and different surveys around internet.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time:

Today here, I’m here to share my experience about top 10 Android games ever. Remember that, these mentioned games will definitely entertain you and make your mind more fast than before. Let’s see these android games to go ahead.

1: Subway Surfers:

Subway surfers is a popular android games, almost you will found this games on every android phone. Subway surfers is a limitless running games. Subway surfers available for Android, iOS and windows phones.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Subway Surfers

 2: Relic Run (Lara Croft):

Relic run is a free to play fully adventure game. Lara croft is a fictional character of this game. Relic run is also endless running game but filled up with adventure places.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Relic Run

3: Temple Run 2:

Temple run 2 is also another one never-ending running adventure game. The interesting fact about that game is that, this game designed and programmed by husband and wife collaboratively team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. According to Gameranking survey 93% android user’s like to play temple run 2, which is worthwhile.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Temple Run 2

4: Asphalt 8 (Airborne):

Asphalt 8 Aribone is known as the finest racing game for android phones, developed and published by Gameloft french game developer. Asphalt 8 Aribone is a part of Asphalt series and similar that Asphalt 7: Heat gameThis games got 92% score/rating on Gamerating website.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Asphalt 8 Airborne

5: Dead Trigger 2:

Dead trigger 2 is a shoot encounter zombie themed game for Android, iOS and Windows phones. Madfinger Games release this game on 22 August 2013 and they also release for Facebook on 20 Fab 2014. Dead trigger is a single player zombie shooter video game.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Dead Trigger 2

6: FIFA 15:

FIFA 15 is popular soccer/football video game developed by EZ Canada. Interesting thing about this game is that, FIFA 15 game is compatible with various platforms induces Microsoft windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One/360, Android and iOS. This game will make you the heart die fan of soccer, spectacular soccer video game that i ever seen. FIFA got 8 score out of 10 on GameSpot, which is able to appreciate.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time FIFA 15

7: Candy Crush Saga:

Candy Crush Saga is a famous and best ever puzzle game released by King on 12 April 2012First time games was released on Facebook, where Facebook user’s appreciate this one game. Game got results very fast and effective than their expectations.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Candy Crush Saga

8: Angry Birds 2:

Angry bird 2 is another one puzzle video game for Android and iOS user’s. Angry bird 2 released on 30 July 2015 by rovio entertainment and this game have an old series name is Angry Birds. First time Angry bird released on December 2009. According to my experience, that is most sensitive game and can make you sometime angry due to his difficult stages.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Angry Birds 2

9: Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja is creative style fruit slicing video game. Fruit Ninja was released on 21 April 2010 Halfbrick Studios in Australia. In Fruit Ninja game fruit will be thrown up then player will swipe his finger on-screen to slice the fruits. Few interesting fact about Fruit Ninja is that, multiple slice is possible simultaneously, multiple player is allowed, game is compatible on other platform includes Play stations, Windows, iOS, Android and Xbox series.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Fruit Ninja

10: Clash of Clans:

Clash and clans is an online video game developed by Supercell company presence in Finland. First time games was released for iPhone users 2 August 2012. After passed over some time, they released Android version on 30 Sep 2013. In this game, player construct communities and attacks other player to get more gold because gold is the way to increase or upgrade your defenses stuff, which makes you more superior from others.

Top 10 Android Games of All Time Clash of Clans

Hopefully, you will like these above Android best games ever i saw. Above games collection is based on various things like our experience, user feedback’s, internet site’s review and score. For your feedback and more interaction with us you may join us on our community forum or can leave your comment below.

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