Top 10 Android Benefits for Small Business Owners

Android now become the soul of smartphones due to their excessive advantage. Nowadays Android benefits are grabbing every next user attraction. Remember PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants)! They were primarily introduced for professionals but with the introduction of smartphones, those devices became obsolete and smartphones became a commonplace.

10 Android Benefits for Small Business Owners

One of the major reasons of popularity of android smartphones is their ever evolving apps that benefited everyone in handily and economically accomplishing routine tasks of communicating, organizing, playing, researching, networking, scheduling, and what not. Most of the apps are free and good enough for normal use but most of them also offer more powerful paid versions with enhanced features that can really help boost performance of a small business. Let’s take a look at top 10 Android benefits for small business owners.

1: Video Conferencing:

Most popular video conferencing app till date is Skype. It enables you doing a video conference with a group of up to 25 persons and sharing all sorts of files.

2: Digital Diary:

Evernote is used for taking notes along with any evidences such as photos, videos, or audio or text files. It also allows you to make checklists and add reminders. It is synched with cloud so your data is safe and accessible on other devices too.

3: Payments:

Paypal is a website where you can setup your account and have it connected to your bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards, etc. Its app enables you to pay and get paid easily.

4: Tracking Expenses:

Expensify enables you to track your expenses and generate reports whenever required. Expensify can be linked with your credit or debit card so that it automatically record all transactions. You can also use pictures of invoices taken by your smartphone camera, it recognizes the information on invoices and records it properly.

5: Travel Planning:

Tripit makes an itinerary of your traveling. It keeps you updated of all your travelling information including your flight times, airport directions, any delays, weather reports etc.

6: Data Backup:

With Dropbox you can save your data on cloud (online storage space), one of the android benefits that you can’t undermine.

7: Social Media Management:

Hootsuit helps you manage all your social media accounts in very time efficient manner.

8: Emails Management:

MailBox allows you to get your emails from different accounts into one place and give you options to categorize these emails.

9: Team Management:

Kanbanflow is a project management tool. With this tool you can assign tasks to your team and stay aware of the progress.

10: Swift Typing:

With Swiftkey virtual keyboard you can type by sliding, without lifting your finger or thumb, is also among other android benefits that help occupied businessmen work smoothly.

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