Things You Should Do to Avoid Hacking Your Website

Most effective part of a webmaster to maintain their website strength in search engine. Majority of our users claim that their websites gonna hack again and again Why? Most emerging issue around internet, many hackers try to hack or break every website firewall to take down and many people’s can become the victim of this act. Hacker put their identity on your website to become popular but that is the worst timing for you because your all efforts are under another hackers supervision. Today, in this guide we will let you know what things you should do to avoid hacking your website from hackers.

Things You Should Do to Avoid Hacking Your Website

Solutions to Avoid Hacking:

There are several things under consideration to avoid hacking your website.

Fast and Trusted Hosting:

No#1 reason form which websites are facing these hacking troubles. If your website not capable to protect your host data and give you guarantee that your data are on safe place. So please kick of that hosting companies and choose right hosting company which is capable to give his priority to your precious data. Personally we recommend HostGator and Bluehost to our all interested readers.

Sometimes users purchase cheap and local/onshore hosting instead of offshore. Must read Difference Between OffShore and OnShore Hosting and we suggest to our readers offshore except onshore.

Sitelock Security:

Almost every hosting company offer that service to add Sitelock in your package as an addon. Sitelock is a web security leader, a web security firewall to protect your website data. We recommend sitelock to every webmaster and it is not expensive security only $2/month can save your entire website.

AlphaNumeric Passwords:

Mostly users use their own/company or their beloved associate things like name, birthday year, pet name etc. That kind password can be easily cracked or breakable with little efforts. We recommend to use alphanumeric password with the mixture of upper and lower case letters.

Examples of Weak Password:


Example of Strong Password:


Example of very Strong Password (AlphaNumeric) Recommended


AlphaNumeric password can not be breakable. Earlier, we had written an article based on How to make strong password?

Another one thing, some clumsy webmaster assign administrative rights to another editors or authors, which is totally prohibited from administrative perspective. Avoid that kind of strategies and actions.

If your website based on WordPress so we written an article on How to Tackle Hacked WordPress Websites. Must keep in mind all tips and security stuff so that will be a victory for you. If you have any questions or queries so may let us know on our community forum or can comment below.

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