Things You Should Avoid While Making Backlinks

Backlinking is the most popular factor of off-page SEO as far as I saw. Blog commenting, guest blogging, business directories submission and top niche forum sites interaction known as the most prominent methods to create backlinks. But now it is 2017, where search engine is much smarter than your thoughts so if you are thinking the 5 years before all methods will still work with the same strength so you would be wrong absolutely. Google so many changes rapidly in their algorithms after 2012. Today I’ll try to cover up few important things you should avoid while making backlinks.

Things You Should Avoid While Making Backlinks

What Things You Should Avoid While Making Backlinks?

This is a universal truth if you do some bad so you will be punished. By following this same strategy, if you do spam while making backlinks so Google is ready to punish you and they can track your activities much faster than your next move. So let see the what things you should avoid while making backlinks.

Blog Commenting is no more Effective?

As we know that nowadays people still think blog commenting is a great source of backlinks, is it? Absolutely not because those links are nofollow and doesn’t pass any page rank but that can good for traffic perspective but not for ranking so please stop making backlinks through blog comments just for the sake of backlinks. Most of the SEO experts says, excessive blog commenting with your site link put your site in spam box.

Hurry in Forum Signature:

Everyone knows why people turn to community forums, 90% people goes there just for the sake of making backlinks. That thought is absolutely wrong and can ruin your site reputation while making relationship to external sites. Even I received lot of spam message and replies over my community forum, which I can’t tolerate at any cost.

Discussion boards/forums are for interaction and solving problems not for backlinking purpose, you can provide there useful or helpful links whether those links associated to your site or not it doesn’t matter. Every shared or replied content should be useful for the next question asked user, that’s how you can build relationship among your site and forum. Read What Google Says About Link Building?

A good user on forum, should not hurry to set up signature or request to enable signature. Where as I know, around internet no one forum giving you dofollow link which emphasize me to think about it. The only reason is that, they want to built user interaction over there forum but in the same time they will not allow you to put your site link instantly after registration on forum. So your behavior can create a lot of hurdles for you or can make bright side for your site. It’s totally now in your hand.

Excessive Guest Blogging OR Wrong Decisions:

Nowadays everyone heard about that the legitimate way of making backlinks is guest blogging. This thought is 50% wrong from many sides, I know so many people will not agree on my this comment but that is bitter truth.

Why I’m saying all that? Let me elaborate my words, First of all delete the hurry word or sense in your mind and always show your patience while doing anything. Because majority of users, put external sites link in the top or mid of the guest blogging article which reduce the chances of approval of content even if you get approval it creates your bad image in front of site owner or audience. That is human psychology, if you think just about you so next person will never give you importance.

Do you know? why I used that word “Excessive” Because most of the people agreed to do bulk of guest blogging in the same manner. Which is the biggest mistake ever, they will do. Google said, they can easily understand paid links and natural links both very clearly. So why we are putting our tons of efforts to built paid links around the web, whereas, we knows that what would be the end.

Before writing ending lines, I must say create backlinks is not bad approach but it should be in useful content even it should be in correct place on most relevant content. It should be looks like natural even make some sense.

In the end, I would strongly suggest to all of my article readers please keep yourself away from above things and follow the above guidelines. Another case, if you have any question regarding this so please join us on our community forum or you can write your comment below.

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