The Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging

As you heard from many blogger’s mouth that they are focusing on guest blogging to building backlink so please stop! because you are doing spamming in search engine “Say no more spam with guest blogging”.

The Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging

Now guest blogging now become a horror dream which is no longer suitable factor to improve website rank.

Rise and Fall of Guest Blogging:

In recent years ago, Guest blogging was so popular due to this popularity every second blogger were trying to build their backlinks through this guest blogging. I have a prominent example of a guest article paragraph, Let’s see,

Apple iPhone 6 has incredible features and consumer review, you should need to read the review first before purchase this product.

Above quoted one and half line showing the guest posting backlink strategy, this looks like natural but in actual it is openly spamming. Google search engine algorithms have various ways to measure these paid links in your content, which purpose is only to pass PageRank which violate webmaster Google guidelines.

Sometimes journalist writes an articles and they pass some reference or sources, which is essential to describe in their the article so it is ok, this will not violate Google guidelines.

In another case, if you are allowing or accepting guest post on your website or blog so is it good way to increase articles on website? Exactly not because from this way you are allowing someone to stick or insert another site links on your blog article, almost these links are paid therefore Google do not give value those kind of sites’s who is seeking to selling links on their website content. That is why, Guest blogging is no longer exist in search engine rank.

Former head of the web spam team at Google Matt Cutts also disclosure that “the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO” and personally i would prefer you to review link schemes in Google guidelines.

In another case, if you are intent to accept guest blogging on your blog, then i personally suggest you to use nofollow attribute with in guest post links, thus Google will not consider those link with this attribute and will not pass your site PageRank. Because you cannot take guarantee of another site suspicions activities, which can impact on your site if that site linking is dofollow with your site.

Note: All given information is experienced by me and would recommend you to use nofollow attribute, for which link you are not sure. Eventually, I want to say that if you writing guest post not for only backlink then it is good one thing but backlinks via guest post is not a better approach according to Seo perspective. We also discuss “Is Guest Post Good Way For Link Building” this one topic on our community forum. Enjoy!

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