The Myth of Consumerism

Myth of Consumerism:

In this article, We would communicate or deal with Myth of Consumerism”. Consumerism has became the medium of making money by every method.

The Myth of Consumerism

Goal of capitalist society:

The word myth define as to justify religion beliefs or social customs. Consumerism define as interest of consumers. Consumerism is like a power for capitalist society, Goal of capital society is to remake economy, make money from all possible circumstances. Human ideas, which they have no experienced all like great power , useful as a potential weakness.

Consumer ideology serve as wonder rule:

It is our thought that, through advertisement we get gain from it. These are also our imaginations that religious beliefs & social custom played the role to fulfill our all needs but now, Consumerism (interest of consumers) fulfill this. In the developed countries consumer beliefs serves as a wonderful rule, advertisement serve as a moral subject, products serve as our admiration.

Consumerism  is developing our ideas:

Consumerism is playing role in developing or encourage our ideas or imaginations. Playing successful role, a better product being sold to us as being color a picture of life. These all beliefs make a sense of the world. The fact, why myths are exist is the sense of the world to understand unimportant things exactly the reason. Advertisement of cold drinks like “Pepsi” is nearly example. Ad pictures of an ideal person or group of friends drinking their brand, create a standards for most people, Who long to be accepted.Specially for young age people , You have a beautiful smile & can do any difficult task, The ads seems to say, “You could be any thing” .

Consumerism has its own ideology like other religion:

Like all myth these ads create a moral dream for them. The lesson, they learn is, Your life could be well improved with these products. You can get satisfaction can be a good person with these products. This is the consumer beliefs (ideology), every religion & customs have some “golden rule” that has important features. Consumerism also has its own rule, “the consumer beliefs“. This all is based on assumption that much is good, that we need the things we sold it.

Advertisements capture emotions:

Advertisement helps us , Why we should use this product, What are the features and benefits of this product. Advertisement emotionally attract the consumer. For example, The whiting creams ads use the slogan, “Aren’t you glad you use a whiting cream ?” Don’t you wish you become a beautiful lady ?. This slogan emotionally attract the consumer for the consumption of product. Commercials & advertisement of product intellect us  & give the rational reasons, Why we use these products. There many activities, Which elicit reactions that are caused by ads. We experience this from all give senses.

Many companies physical presents in based on that they do something for children. Some of the child speak first words from advertisement’s gentle ringing noise, All of the diaper & toys companies and also fast foods companies have billions dollars to achieved aimed at children. It is not only for children but also for parents that do the buying. These companies are getting profit & cash. There is strong relationship between consumerism & religion can be found in every religious festival like month of Ramadan, Mother day, Father day, Christmas, celebration of the birth of famous people.

It seems that, Consumerism share religion characteristics, religion teaches us about love , respect & feelings of other people & charity on the other hand consumerism only teach fear. Due to consumerism everything, Which have good or bad effect on the consumer mind is open. Some religion (Not Islam) small group have bad impact on peoples.


Consumerism is the source of making by every way. Commercial represent good or bad uses of any product because the purpose of manufacturing the product is getting profit. So its up to you, How you use products. How you can prevent yourself from worse use & how you can get benefit.

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