The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

Mercedes is a German Multinational company and it has its head office in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg. Mercedes Company is well-known for its luxury vehicles and its product line also includes buses, trucks and ambulances. Recently, Mercedes parent organization Daimler has revealed the latest version of eVito for European market. Now the claim of Diamler for eVito, an electric commercial van is that it is  highly energy-efficient vehicle. The eVito in one full charge can travel up to 421 Kilometers. This latest model is above100% more energy-efficient than prior model that could travel up 150 Kilometers in one full charge.

The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

Battery Capacity and Capability of eVito Van

The leap of efficiency in energy in the latest model of eVito is largely because of a new 90kwh battery and this battery capacity is more than double as compared to a prior model of eVito. Which was employing a 41kWh battery pack. The standard version of eVito comes with 50kW charging capacity however, buyer can ask for an additional of 110kw. This additional charging capability significantly improves the speed of charging for latest model of eVito. More precisely, this additional capacity of charging enable the eVito to have a charging of 80% within 45 minutes if, it was at 10%.

1#The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

The eVito Engine and Luxury Features

As per the Diamler the latest model of eVito has a 150kW motor on board and it almost generates the power of 204 horsepower which can easily move up to 9 passengers. Keeping in with core competency of Mercedes, the Diamler has paid attention to the luxury feature of the eVito. Accordingly, the eVito has air suspension, active brake and a cruise control. Other luxury features of car includes Apple’s 7 inches touchscreen, LTE modem and Mercedes Pro service. This service assists the driver to manage the car’s operation in real time and even allows the driver to have continues updated information about the battery’s current state.  2#. The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

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The eVito’s Target Audience

The Diamler via its eVito van is targeting the commercial market. Which is an omen that shows that Mercedes Company is trying to cater to the general consumers who are looking for electric motor vehicles. Actually, eVito is real transformation of the idea which was revealed last year on Geneva motor show by a German Auto maker with name of EQV electric van notion. Other than eVito, Mercedes in its electric product line also has the sprinter cargo van.

3#. The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

Competitors in Electric Car Market

In order to cater the needs of energy efficient consumers. It is not only Mercedes who is striving to make its name in fact, there are other car manufacturers like Ford Motors who are offering electronic cars for the customer. So, last week the Ford announced its all-inclusive model of an electric cargo van. Rivian, a Michigan originated venture is also working on an electric van to handle the delivery of Amazon. Similarly, Nissan is also in the competition of electric vehicles with its leaf powerd e-NV200 model.

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