The Effects of the Industrial Revolution

Effects of Industrial Revolution:

Here we will talk about effects of the industrial revolution in this world. Revolution means make a change in system. Industrial revolution brings great change in industry setup. Britain brought this change in the 18th century. Industrial revolution bring very important change in this result. Agricultural economies connect with industrial ones. Nature of population change due to industrial revolution that what, where and how was goods produced. It helps to reduce manual labors by new technology, goods which had been made by manually, in home or in small shops began to be made in large quantities in the factory.

Effects of Industrial Revolution

Every country based on its population sector, industrial revolution makes dramatically changes in business. It help to expand business scope, which business were located in small areas or in rural areas. Revolution bring them in cities & urban.

Effects of Industrial Revolution in Economic Development:

Industrial revolution also helps in economic development. All people of societies get benefits from it. Result of industrial revolution in economic development including availability variety of goods, scope of business, movements of businessmen & people to cities, modern ways of running business. Revolution makes state & nations more powerful.

Industrial revolution brings rapid changes in society. The first change in human history is anthropologists call the Neolithic revolution. , this change took place in Stone Age. At this time people got their food by hunting this system based on hunting, agriculture, this was tough time for progress, the industrial revolution brought modern societies from agricultural societies. Economic activities change from production in homes or small workshop to factories, from agriculture to manufacturing, from manual work to machines, economy of every country depend on it’s per capital income. When production increase in this result number of workers increase, which increase per capital income.

Industrial revolution helps to improve economic situation of industrial societies, middle and upper class get benefits, but lower class face problem economically.

Industrial Setup and Mass Production:

When investors invest their money to improve the methods of production then change arise in industrial setup. In this result use of technology increase day by day. Machines are used such as power-loom, cotton gin, water frame spinning-jenny & many other machines use in production. For mass production, due to revolution people started work in factories with such machines. This improve life standards of people, job availabilities increase, prices of goods decrease because of economic stability. Industrial revolution also gives benefits to workers, child labors reduced because of revolution, these are a positive response.

Mass production provides opportunities of employment prices of goods decrease, financial status better, new ideas built, people invest their money in production, quality of transportation, education and medical products improve.

Without inventions, investment & new ideas industrial revolution does not take place, now today without use of technology, we can’t improve our standard of life and industrial sector can’t grow very well.

In the beginning people faced problems and difficulties, they faced challenges for progress. With the passage of time people find many ways for better production & they get benefits with the usage of technology.

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