Teenage Depression and Symptoms

Teenage Depression:

What is Depression:-

Which you are sad & feel that you can’t enjoy anything , because your situation is so difficult & unpleasant, it is also a disease in which people react unusually.

Teenage Depression & Increase in suicide Rates:

When adults or people, who are in teenage are in depression.They commit suicide. Deaths in young age 14-19 mostly occur by suicide than heart diseases or other disease. Depression in this age not easily identify, Which cause increase in suicide rate. People or children, who are in depression face serious difficulties or problems in school, college also in family & personal adjustment.

Teenage Depression and Symptoms

Signs of depression in children & adolescents are impatient, bad mood, angst. They are not able to show, what they think or feel. Teenage is a time of emotional confusion, surprised mood, dark thoughts & high degree of sensitivity. It is a time to make changing in system, create new things, use new ideas & methods for betterment.Physicians are not only take care of patients also parents , teachers, friends, siblings & anyone, Who interact with patient on daily basis.

Teenage Depression is masked:

Symptoms of adult depression are like a masked to share the sadness, adults may show sate of being bored & usually suffer from irritability or may involved in risky activities. Bad mood in not only the symptom of depression , it may accompanied by other mental issues such as eating disorders, anxiety, unable to relax. Symptoms of depression are disorders of mood, sadness, hopelessness, withdrawal & thoughts of suicide, high changing in sleeping hour, lose interest in social & other activities, attacking behavior, irritation, fed-up from life, disruptive behavior etc.  Depression is a serious condition due to this people can’t enjoy their lives.

Teenage Depression and Symptoms

Depression can’t be easily diagnosis , but physiologic testing might be helpful in difficult presentations. Symptoms of depression varying from class to class, symptoms of depression in high class teenagers are low self-esteem, decrease in value of popularity, Compete with peers in luxury items, teenagers from poor families may depressed by less support by parents, Carrier problems, low slandered life, decrease in resources etc. These symptoms cause disruptive behavior, suicide, damage themselves, lose friends & supporters.

What do the westerns say about teenagers depression:

How can physicians deal with depressed patients western psychiatrist plan the way or method to identified depression is “Screen out the vulnerable groups of children & adolescents for the risk factors of suicide & then refer them for treatment”. Factors which caused by depression include commit suicide with in few months, disorders of mood also indication of attomption at suicide, excessive alcohol etc.  Physicians have suggested to way of treatment “Psychotherapy & medication”. Psychotherapy is a method to treat depressed people . It is a psychological methods without uses of medicines & operations, in this method patient treated well by giving them advice & encouragement.

In medication, medicines are used for treatment sometime medication may be necessary for patients rather than psychotherapy. Teenagers can successfully cross the barriers and obstacles, Which lie in the path of their success, Some of them found it difficult for themselves, friends & other people who caring them to improve their well-being & encourage them.

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