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Avast Announced to Shut Down Jumshot

The free Antivirus softer provider, Avast is winding up the operations of its subsidiary company known as “Jumshot”. The subsidiary was started by Avast in

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Top Five Technological Advancements of Last Decade

When we pounder about technological advancements. Which we employ in our routine life than we come to know that there are several of them. Some of which have never existed few years back. It ranges from food delivery applications like Food Panda and online movie streaming service like Let Me

Steve Wozniak, One of The Oldest Employee of Apple Corporation

Steve Wozniak, the Apple’s co-founder who left the corporation in 1985 is still receiving a salary from Apple on weekly bases. Wozniak in a recent episode of a podcast with Guy Kawasaki’s has told that he is still getting a paycheck of $50 each week from Apple Company. Moreover, he

Updated Operating System, A Must Requirement for WahtsApp Users

Android phone users. Who are using an outdated operating system. Now they are no more allowed to use the service of WhatsApp and even other applications owned by Facebook. As, it was stated by officials of Facebook that it is our key goal to make sure. All Facebook-owned applications should

Avast Announced to Shut Down Jumshot

The free Antivirus softer provider, Avast is winding up the operations of its subsidiary company known as “Jumshot”. The subsidiary was started by Avast in 2015. Its core operations incorporate examine the consumers’ online behaviors through their clicks, searches and purchase trends across several groups from more than 150 websites. 

Coronavirus Might Affect the Production of iPhone-9

Until now, Coronavirus has affected several countries of the world and China is suffering the most. The panorama of adverse aftermaths of this virus could be huge. It is expected to impact several industries or sectors that have their prime functional units in China. The manufacturing sector is anticipated to

Swiss Post is About to Restart Its Drone Delivery Services

The Drone Operations of Swiss Post will recommence on 27th January 2020. The Swiss Post has suspended its drone services in August last year. It was because a test drone was crashed just 150 feet away from a group of children in Zurich. The Matternet M2V9 drone when it crashed,

Conceivable Aftermaths of Excessive Mobile Usage

In this age of information and technology. The use of technology is so pervasive in our daily life that we cannot even imagine a life without it. Why we shouldn’t use it? When it assists us in performing several routine tasks in a more efficient way than before. For example,

Samsung Electronics Lost Its Market Leader Position

In year 2019, the American giant chip maker company namely, Inter Corporation has taken the number one position from  Samsung Electronics. The sales of Samsung’s semiconductors have declined by 29% in 2019 as compared to $78.5 billion in the last year. On the other hand, as compared to 2018. The

Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

In this fast-paced knowledge era. Technological innovations are taking place faster than before. One possible reason is ever-rising competition in most of the business fields. Which is why almost all organizations have given top priority for innovation. The Deloitte has indicated the goal of innovation was among the top six

Rising Trend in Organizations Towards Chat-Bots for Customer Service

In this modern era of information and technology. Use of electronic gadgets has become a norm. Now a day’s often organizations prefer a machine over human to perform various tasks. Among various operations of a company. One vital task is its customer relationship service. Which is helpful for an organization