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Coronavirus Putting Extra Load on Internet Service Providers

The pandemic of coronavirus is creating great hawk all around the world and now it has spread almost all around the world. As per the latest report by Worldometer, at least 164 countries are affected by coronavirus and 218,759 cases have been reported all around the world and until today

Two Divergent Perspectives About Technological Advancement

In this modern age of Information and Technology. The artificial intelligence is becoming utmost vital part of organizations, irrespective of nature and scope of business. In this regard, there are two divergent view point for Technology Advancement. The proponents of the first school of thought believe that use of artificial

The eVito Van Travels Up to 421KM in One Full Charge

Mercedes is a German Multinational company and it has its head office in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg. Mercedes Company is well-known for its luxury vehicles and its product line also includes buses, trucks and ambulances. Recently, Mercedes parent organization Daimler has revealed the latest version of eVito for European market. Now the

Coronavirus is Compelling Organizations To Reimagine Conferences

The epidemic of coronavirus continues to escalate. As per the reports of World Health Organization. In total, there have been 92,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death toll has approached 3,011. Unfortunately, the patients and mortalities are expected to rise in near future. The fear to get stuck by

Top Five Free Browsers for Android Phones

In this era of information and technology, almost every one of us uses internet for various purposes. For example, a student in Pakistan might search for top colleges in the USA  that are offering engineering degrees and a human resource manager would be looking for an electrical engineer, who can

Apple Agrees to Pay $500 Million for the Settlement of Batterygate Matter

Apple is an American organization. It has its head office in California. Almost anyone, who has even a wee bit of knowledge about information and technology than he or she would be definitely mindful of Apple. Basically, it is a technology-based organization that deals with computer software and consumer electronics

A Contemporary Method of Testing Glucose in Blood

As per the report published in 2014, there were 422 million diabetic patients in the world. Unfortunately, this figure is expected to rise in the near future and in 2035, as per the report of the World Health Organization the total number of patients could reach 580 million. In order

Google Map Understands the Sensitivity of Border Line

Recently google has redrawn the world border and now the borderline is different for viewers. The google map has incorporated an intelligence feature that shows border with respect to the political philosophy of a country. Border of Kashmir If a person looks for the borderline of Kashmir from outside of