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New Features in iPhone 7

Common Features: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are officially I the market now and being considered the most speculated mobile phone of the year.

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In this age of information and technology. The use of technology is so pervasive in our daily life that we cannot even imagine a life without it. Why we shouldn’t use it? When it assists us in performing several routine tasks in a more efficient way than before. For example,

Samsung Electronics Lost Its Market Leader Position

In year 2019, the American giant chip maker company namely, Inter Corporation has taken the number one position from  Samsung Electronics. The sales of Samsung’s semiconductors have declined by 29% in 2019 as compared to $78.5 billion in the last year. On the other hand, as compared to 2018. The

Few Essential Benefits of Drones for Pakistan

In this fast-paced knowledge era. Technological innovations are taking place faster than before. One possible reason is ever-rising competition in most of the business fields. Which is why almost all organizations have given top priority for innovation. The Deloitte has indicated the goal of innovation was among the top six

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In this modern era of information and technology. Use of electronic gadgets has become a norm. Now a day’s often organizations prefer a machine over human to perform various tasks. Among various operations of a company. One vital task is its customer relationship service. Which is helpful for an organization

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Steadily technology is evolving and it is making our routine life activities much easier than it was before. One such a technology is near field communication which is easily accessible to most mobile phone users. With help of near field communication technology secure and instant transactions. Such as, booking movie

Soon Information and Technology Industry of Pakistan is Anticipated to Emerge

Undoubtedly, information and technology plays vital role in development of knowledge based society and economy. It is a vital force for economic development. For under-develop country namely, Pakistan who is a fertile place for information and technology industry to grow because of the availability of sufficient capital that could significantly

New Features in iPhone 7

Common Features: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are officially I the market now and being considered the most speculated mobile phone of the year. It has iOS 10. iPhone 7 is not just going to be a next version but it has been launched with many enhancements. iPhone 7

Are Snap Chat Glasses More Catchy than Snap Xhat?

Snap chat is one of the popular social networking apps having a unique idea of social networking through small video clips. Snap Chat Company has revealed of its new glasses project as “snap chat Spectacles” and being launched later the year. Snap chat have named these glasses “Snap Chat Spectacles”

Virtual Reality – History, Types and Development

What is Virtual Reality: Virtual reality comes from the definition of both virtual and reality. “Virtual” is something near and “reality” is human experience. It refers to technologies with high user interface which would give user sensation of reality. It is made through simulation of multiple sensational channels and interactions