How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

How to invite Friends on WordPressIt is rational and sensible thinking to invite someone creative mind persons to share his experience with community. If you like to invite contributors/subscribers/editors to handle blog posts, pages and comments on your blog.So, don’t be worried and take the comfort breath. Just you need to do follow my steps with consideration. If your blog is public so, anyone can follow/register on it and start guest posting with ease. Otherwise need to invite bloggers as a contributor, editors or any role, which you like to assign him. Today, we will talk about “Invite friends on WordPress blog“.

Invite Friends on WordPress Blog:

Hopefully, You have many of these friends on social media sites and on other networks. First you need install Invite Friends to Register plugin. After installation procedure then it’s time to slightly settings. Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Invite Friends.

How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

All settings can be seen in the above given image. Simply modify or alter the email and in which accomplish your requirements. Keep remember that, in the above email form have numbers of tokens %sitename% %siteurl% %friendname% etc. Last option is Redirect URL, It could be an admin page or registration page for friends and invited guest. It is depends on your strategy and occasions. All email form elements  are editable according to your requirement or needs.

After manipulate your email structure, Goto Users >> Invite Friends.

How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

We approximately expressed the process in the above image. When you press Send Invitation button, Your invitation would be sent automatically to receiver. Try to send maximum invitations, You can utilize your Gmail contacts for that purpose.

Now it’s your turn to send invitations to your friends entirely list. If you still have problem, while plugin installation, settings & configuration, undefined errors or bugs, then you may leave you comment below. 😉

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content

Every blogger have keeps the ambitions with their blogs carrier. They want high CTR (Click Through Rate) with high CPC (Cost Per Click) rates. For this achievement, They adopt hundreds of ways and tries to optimize it. First you need to know about Ads placement on website according to rules and regulation.

I already told you about ads placement inside your post content but question is arise here is that, How we can insert ads inside post paragraph because post paragraphs are the most precious places, Where CTR is much higher than other places.

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content:

In WordPress, We utilize a plugin name is ‘Insert Post Ads’ developed by WPBeginner. This plugin is quite simple and user-friendly interface.

With this plugin, Insert ads in post content is handy instead of tricky. Before Go ahead, You need to install this fabulous plugin on your WordPress then just activate it. After done the installation procedure. Now you are capable to add ads and run your ads through this plugin. You see the below image to understand the insertion of ads procedure.

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content

In the above image, We express the whole procedure of insertion ads inside post content. No need to other configuration just insert your ads code and publish the ads. After publish ads Go to Insert Post Ads plugin setting and in display ad section check post and pages. After doing so, leave the other settings. This ads plugin is reliable and easy to use interface. You can use exclude option in settings for more enhancement.

Let us know that, If you have better ideas or skills to insert ads inside post manually or with plugin so, You can share these ideas with us. Hopefully, You understand the criteria of this simple plugin. If you have any argue regarding to this topic so you can discuss your issues or question in below comment box.

Google Analytics By Yoast Plugin Configuration

Google Analytics by Yoast is a powerful WordPress Plugin. Yoast also serve his services all around the world. Yoast introduce his tracking plugin for blogger and website owners. Yoast Google analytic plugin have multiple and beneficial features. Earlier I was wrote a post on that, Add Google Analytics code in WordPress manually without using plugin. I will clear your doubt because plugins have many benefits instead of manually method.

Google Analytics By Yoast Settings

Google Analytics by Yoast is one of the popular and magnificent plugin for tracking purpose. Because it tracks you website all traffic even your site PDF downloads and specially particular label like download link and affiliate links etc. That’s means, This plugin is capable to track your site outbound link and also comments external links.

Google Analytics By Yoast Installation:

First you need to download Yoast plugin package. You can find it through you WordPress dashboard option name is Plugins >> Add New and type in the search box Google analytics by Yoast. Just install it on your WordPress and activate it quickly. After activate this plugin, It will look like this below image on WordPress dashboard.

Google Analytics By Yoast

In the above image, We describe the whole process of configuration and settings of Yoast plugin. After installed plugin in your WordPress. Goto inside plugin setting and Click On >> Re-authentication Button. A pop up will open and demand for connection between your analytic account and plugin. Then Log in to your Google analytics account and simply accept it. After this procedure, Now WordPress has been linked successfully with your analytic account. This method is little bit different with other manual method.

Configure Google Analytics By Yoast:

Settings of Google analytics by Yoast is next essential procedure. You can check and allow outbound-links and download links to track  it. Also allow anonymous data and check it.  I personally like ignore user option because it will ignore site authors, administrator, editor etc. See the below configuration of this option.

Google Analytics By Yoast

You can clearly see the above image and analyze the benefit of this valuable option. Because some blogger want pure traffic statistics in his analytic account so this option ignore user will help to exclude your traffic. You can avail benefit from it. Go ahead to next finest option of Google Analytics by Yoast. Yoast Analytics plugins also allows to track your site download links and get authentic report in your Google analytic account. See the below image to understand in beer way.

Google Analytics By Yoast

You can track those labels like affiliate links, outbound links inside articles etc. See the below configuration in the image.

Google Analytics By Yoast

All features inside this plugin really work effectively. You can adopt the above settings and configuration. Keep remember that, You will  find download and outbound link track data on Google analytic account under Behavior >> Events. Data will be categorize by  clicks action, labels and out bound link. Must recommend you to install this plugin and avail  benefit from it. This plugin will make you able to track your site in-depth. Hopefully, Now your doubt has been solved. You can further discuss on this plugin in comment box. 🙂

How to Add Google analytic Code in WordPress

Almost bloggers familiar with WordPress and its friendly interface. You can easily start WordPress blog without spend any single penny. To track your website statistics, You must need to connect Google Analytics and your blog to each other. Google analytic is the marvelous opportunity for all bloggers. But now we are here to learn that, How we can add Google analytic code inside WordPress. Read Google analytic comprehensive guide here.

Google analytic in WordPress

Google analytic track your website pages, post, links even organic keywords. There is two major and finest option to add Google analytic code in WordPress. First is through Google analytic script/code in the website header. Another is add tracking ID inside WordPress. Let take the first method,

How to add Google analytic Code in WordPress:

First you need to Sign up with your website on Google analytic. After sign up procedure Google analytic provide you script and tacking ID for your site. Copy the given script.

Add Google analytic Code in WordPress

Goto >>WordPress dashboard then Goto Appearance >>Editor scroll down and  open header.php file. Between the <body>..</body> tags paste the whole code/script. You can use html comments tags around the Google analytic scripts (Optional). You can determine the process with the below image.

Google analytic Code in WordPress

And again Goto Google analytic page and save setting then Done. Now your Google analytic is directly linked with your website. Now you are capable to track you website or blog statistic and optimize your website.

Google Analytic will facilitate you with numbers of optimized tools like current online visitors, daily site audience, referral site traffic and keywords tracking etc. Google also recommend and invite you to join it for free. Hopefully, Your configuration and settings will be correct same as above. You can avail innumerable benefits through Google analytic. You can take assist me for further information and leave comment below. 🙂

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Best WordPress Plugins For Bloggers:

As we know very well, WordPress platform is used to start a blog carrier quickly. WordPress have innumerable plugins to optimize blogs or websites. We will reveal best WordPress plugins and his significance in explanatory form. These best WordPress plugins belongs to Seo optimization or On page Seo and some belongs to website user attraction. Blogger must need to aware about best plugins and his multiple features.

Best WordPress Plugins

Before go ahead, You need to care about several things. If the WordPress plugins exceed a certain limit of plugins, then it can be harmful for us and our blog. At this stage, We recommend that, Utilize only best and important plugin don’t use worthless plugins. Often many of plugins make an impact on your site loading speed. Let’s start. We categories most compulsory and best plugins are following as,

WordPress SEO By Yoast:

WordPress Seo By Yoast are recommended by Matt cuts, Hostgator and specially Seo experts. SEO by Yoast is multi functional plugin because it has numbers of tools and these tool will make your site optimized. Especially powerful grip on Seo strategies even a single post image. Seo by Yoast has various optimize tools like as, Meta-tags (title,description,keywords), xml sitemap, Permalinks, breadcrumbs, image optimization and social media sites sharing integrate tools etc.

Best WordPress Plugins

Another concept and headache is Seo by yoast accurate setting. Because Seo by Yoast setting should be accurate then you will get the lot of traffic on your site. You can read “How to Setup Seo By Yoast plugin“.

JetPack By WordPress:

JetPack by WordPress used as a multi task plugin. We personally used this plugin for more than one task. JetPack by WordPress track your website statistics and keywords. It’s not belongs to Seo but it track search engine traffic with every step like keywords, referral sites traffic, social media traffic and Organic traffic etc. Further crucial task of this plugin is JetPack comment box for user feedback or response. Slightly go ahead, JetPack subscription box for all viewers and users. This subscription box have bulletin function like automatically send new publish post to subscribers.

Best WordPress Plugins

Next beneficial tool is short link of every single post, Which we can utilize for social sharing and further tasks. Other are small utilities like related post under every post, Custom contact form and mobile theme etc. Try to use it and be enjoy it.

W3 Total Cache:

W3 total cache is a spectacular plugin and known as a best WordPress plugins. W3 total cache recommended by Matt Cuts, Hostgator, Dream host etc. W3 total cache plugin used for boast website loading speed. w3 total cache increase server performance and increase web page loading speed. W3 total cache diminish the download time. W3 total cache optimize your SQL database tables then its helps us in website loading speed. W3 total cache supply transparent content delivery network integration. According to w3 total cache developers and authors, w3 total cache saving 80% bandwidth of your website through compression of html , CSS files, Java scripts files etc. Unbeatable feature of this plugin is that, W3 total cache compatible with shared hosting, VPN hosting and dedicated servers. W3 total cache minify/decrease your post and pages even feeds.

Best WordPress Plugins

W3 total cache take improvement in user experience without any change in theme layout, and WordPress. Must recommend your to utilize it and get benefit from it. W3 total cache installation process is little bit complicated so, We will suggest you to read “W3 total cache settings & Configuration” and be enjoy it.


Akismet is another best WordPress plugin and by default available in WordPress. After install WordPress blog, Goto >> plugins and Click on >> installed plugin there you will get Akismet plugins. Akismet is used for prevention of spam comments. Akismet filter all comments with bad links, and bad adult words, then analyze comments and with more test.  If Akismet find any doubt/spamming so take as a spam comment then it drop the comment in spam queue not in moderation. Akismet is not a security plugin for your website but it is 99.9% security for your blog comments.

Best WordPress Plugins

Akismet have free or premium plans so if you are running a personal single blog then sign up for free otherwise use premium plan. So, you can say Good Bye to spam comments after install Akismet on your WordPress Blog.

A finest blogger always try to adopt best things for his blogs.  Try to above best WordPress plugins, Hope that. you will enjoy it in future. Always give preference recommended plugins because it will provide you their own experience، will not take yours. Hopefully, You earned so many things in this article. You can join me, If you have any issue concern with this post. 🙂

4 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

4 Best Comment Box Plugins for WordPress:

Nowadays, the crowd of website and blog growing day by day on internet. So, competition no more exist in website figures now the competition found on best service. Assume that, a blog have lot of articles which bring us beneficial feedback through comments. As we know, underneath every article we always found a comment box for feedback’s. If you are a WordPress user then you better know, a default comment box already be there after installed WordPress. Same like this, WordPress have the lot of attractive plugin for comments and these plugins contains multiple features.

4 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

Today we will discuss 4 best plugins for WordPress comments. Some Peoples use comment box from Seo point of view and some use to get numbers of beneficial comments. As my own experience, I suggest my viewers beware about spamming because spamming can eaten your web rank easily. In other words spamming are invalid activity which are prohibited on internet. Let’s start talk about on commenting plugins. 

1. JetPack By WordPress:

JetPack is a powerful admirable plugin using for multiple purpose. When you installed JetPack on you WordPress this means you have a dozens of skillful plugins. JetPack has dozens multiple features. Jetpack could be using the purpose of comment/feedback, traffic stats, short-links accessibility,social sharing buttons, mobile theme facility, fair subscription box, sidebar widgets, related post option, shortcodes and many more features.

4 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

After installed this finest plugin you can interact millions of WordPress user. JetPack has no cost completely free. Automatically newsletter sending option for subscribers and get notification on same time when author publish new post on site, these features proved that, JetPack is appropriate solution for WordPress bloggers community. JetPack does update his plugin features with the passage of time. Click Here to download JetPack for your website.

2. Disqus:

Disqus is the another powerful plugin having efficient feature. Actually its use third-party website to integrate in WordPress individually. You need to install disqus plugin for WordPress and sign up on disqus website finally connected both each others. All comments will be moderate from disqus dashboard not your WordPress dashboard. Disqus is my preference due to the security reason disqus is the fantastic. In other words we can say, Disqus played important role to avoid spamming comments. Disqus comment system is quite simple, you need to provide username or password while publishing your comment. Disqus will send you alert email if someone reply on your comments.

4 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

Disqus is compatible with following platforms e.g (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Durpal,HTML&Js). One elegant feature of disqus is that, when you leave comment any blog through disqus then your disqus profile connected with your every single comment. If you are not interested to sign up on disqus while commenting so, you can use social media profile through Disqus like as (Google+, Facebook, twitter). This feature is already found in disqus. Click Here to download Disqus for your website.

3. Facebook Comment Box:

Facebook comment box similar disqus system, Means that integrate with your Facebook profile. Both plugins mechanisms are reflect each other. Otherwise let’s see, If you put comment on any site through Facebook comment box then published comment able to show in your news feed due to the reason of your profile were connected with Facebook comment box while commenting. and your friends are capable to see and reply this comment. In Above lines you will see, sharing is occurring friends to friends. Mostly,we use Facebook comment box when tons of traffic comes from Facebook to on our site. Check the preview of Facebook comment box as under:

5 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

4. Comment luv:

Comment luv is an appreciable premium WordPress plugin. Mostly user like him very much due to his ability of his features. Comment luv is Reliable and Seo friendly,Read 5 things that with increase organic SEO.In premium commentluv plugin, contains some advance anti spam and sophisticated features to decrease the level of spamming. Finest feature of comment luv is that, all links are Dofollow, means you can get strong backlink through comment. In other words we can say, website owner allows to Google to index our comments links. Behind your comments (rel=”dofollow”) this tag have presence,this relation tag proves the presence of dofollow links.

5 Best comment Box Plugins for WordPress

You can engage you traffic statistic from commentluv dashboard. Commentluv provide social media interaction like twitter.You can estimate the popularity of comment luv this way, Commentluv have 10k active users on websites or blogs.Hope you will be the next 😉 Click Here to download premium commentluv & read more.  

Let us know, about your opinion and feedbacks 😛 . If you have better choice instead of these then please share with us. We always respect and give honour to our users. You can subscribe our newsletter for new articles/post to keep update yourself. For further query oR share ideas in below comment box.

How to start a blog using WordPress

How to start a blog using WordPress:

WordPress is an open source platform.Which is using to create blog and websites with more efficiency. In other words, we can say WordPress is a publishing platform for bloggers ,writers and others. WordPress is a free platform,there is no cost to pay it. WordPress provides flexible features, which will help you to start your blogging journey with ease. WordPress provides dashboard, which full of tools and gadgets. Here we talking about for beginners. This process consists on several steps:

  1. Need a self hosted domain 
  2. Install WordPress on hosting (Server)
  3. Start Blogging 

Need a self hosted domain:

Let’s start with self hosted domain name.Before going to WordPress, We remember that every website or blog need a particular Domain name (e.g Domain name may be .com (Commercial Purpose) .net or .org Domain name use for network or organization similarly .edu use for education purpose.I prefer you use .com Domain name for business. Let’s start with Buy Domain name and Buy Hosting. Choose HostGator certified hosting as my experience with HostGator and iPage is superb because its reliable and user-friendly Click here for more. I am personally using iPage. iPage Offers cheap hosting on discounted rates click Here for more.

Install WordPress on Host:

After getting the hosting , Go to WordPress site and Download WordPress in zip format. Check the following screenshot.

How to start a blog using WordPress

WordPress Installations process is quite simple and easy. After getting Hosting server,we need to open Cpanel then Goto —> File Manager. Check the below screenshot process. 

How to start a blog using WordPress

Open >> File Manager  then upload the WordPress Download file in the root directory. Keep remember that, Upload file should be in zip format.Then click on upload file. Check the following screenshot of the procedure.

How to start a blog using WordPress

You can upload WordPress package in a specific folder which you want. I am using iPage Cpanel in screenshots. Approximately all Cpanel look like same interface. You will find File Manager option in every Cpanel. Now next step consist on WordPress installation setup. First unzip WordPress Package. Here we mention one more thing, we can upload WordPress Package via FTP Client FileZilla. I personally use FileZilla to upload files on root directory.Check the following screenshot of FileZilla

How to start a blog using WordPress

FileZilla is flexible to upload files on server-side. Drag and drop system and one click to connect to the server, no need to sign in on server every time.We will talk it later on FileZilla. Now comeback on topic, Before goto next step we need a SQL Database to connect with WordPress Package. Comeback on Cpanel and Click on MY SQL Database. Check the following screenshots,which we have taken during create database.

[envira-gallery id=”641″]

After Create Database and user, Open your website in browser. Installation page will appear on the screen. Fill the installation form step by step as given below Screenshots.

[envira-gallery id=”646″]

WordPress Installation now has been completed. Happy blogging. Read How to start a blog with blogger. Hope you like this post, if you have any query so, please share your point of views in below comment. 😉