Register Plus Redux WordPress Plugin Features

As we know that WordPress have numerous plugin for multiple purposes. One of the finest one WordPress plugin is Register Plus Redux , which keeps stunning and astonishing features.

Register plus redux is a WordPress registration form plugin, through which contributors, authors, editors and subscriber can register himself on a particular website and can become member of this community for which they are applying.

Register Plus Redux WordPress Plugin Features
Register Plus Redux – WordPress Plugin

Register Plus Redux:

Register plus redux plugin role is vital and  prominent on website because it is working as a central part of user entrance on website. If you want to construct or built registration form then it is a finest choice for you because this plugin have complete monitoring and customizing interface from WordPress dashboard.

You can monitor each user activities and can modify from your end. Let’s find the Register plus redux features in-depth.

Register Plus Redux Features:

This plugin has numerous and spectacular features, which are listed below.

  • You will able to add your company logo above any registration form for company or website branding.
  • All incoming visitors on your website will be eligible to register himself on your website as a contributor, subscriber, author and editor.
  • Every users will verify their legitimate identity through email verification link, email will be automatically placed on user’s email which they provided during registration.
  • User can not be able to reset their password without knocking administrator door or permission. (Optional: By Default this option is disable and we do not recommend to enable this option)
  • Grace period, With in particular time period all unverified users account will be deleted automatically. (By default grace period is 7 days, you can increase or decrease this time period from your side)
  • Registration redirection, creative option for all users because through this tool you can easily redirect your user after registration. (i.e. any particular page, Welcome Page etc.)
  • Auto login user features allow you to automatically login your created account after complete your registration process.
  • You also can edit and modify registration form fields like first name/last name/email/website/contact/short description etc.
  • Password strength indicator or password measuring tool, which will detect that your password is strong, Good, normal, poor and mismatch.
  • Invitation code, this facility allow users to request or demand a particular code for registration. Administrator will provide you this particular code. Without this code no one can register himself. You can generate more than one invitation codes for multiple purposes from your end.
  • Allow terms and condition/website polices check box and make them required for registration.
  • You can easily customize email notification messages, which user will receive after registration and also web administrator.
  • This plugin also deal in custom register/login CSS , where you can insert/write your necessary CSS as per your need.

You can avail the above features by installing this one spectacular WordPress plugin. This is not about plugin promotion, it’s all about our experience with this plugin. If you are planning to open your web doors for all incoming visitors then try this one plugin because it is free with all features.

Let us know, if you find this article useful and found these features better for your future journey. If you have more interesting and empirical ideas then share with us. For more discussion and your respective opinion’s, leave your comment below.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content

Do you know? what places are good for email subscription box on website. Here I will show you , how to add email subscription box after post content or under each post. If you have a blog so, you will be familiar with user subscription advantages. With the help of email subscription box, you can easily collect lot of emails data, which will help you to promote your content and offers etc. In another words, you can utilize these subscription emails for email marketing to grow your audience or readers. You can directly broadcast emails to your all subscribers with daily/weekly fresh content, it will also help you to improve your site traffic as possible.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content

Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content:

If you are looking for to add email subscription box after post content, so you are on right way. This subscribe box adding process has consist on following steps, let’s see.

Step 1:

In the first step, you need to install and activate this plugin Optin Forms. Now after installed in your WordPress, you can see the Optin forms option in the left sidebar menu from WordPress Dashboard.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content step 1

Step 2:

In the second step, Now you need to configure/setup your email service with this plugin. For this purpose, go to Optin Forms then select your email service under Email Solution tab. I’m going to configure my MailChimp email service with this plugin.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content step 2

Step 3:

After connect your email service with Optin Forms plugin. Now its time to select your finest one Subscription box and customize it as our requirement. You can customize every single element of this subscription box styles, typography, positions and many more functions.

How To Add Email Subscription Box After Post Content step 3

When you have done every settings same as above then simply click on Save button. Now you have successfully placed subscription box after post content. You also can check it your each post for conformation. Optin Forms plugin is free of cost, you can avail benefit from it as much you can.

Let us know, if you had done your job efficiently. If you have more good ideas to add subscription box under each post of your website then don’t forget to share with us. For more interaction or discussion on this topic, join us via comment. 😉

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins:

Too many spams can really be annoying at WordPress. Comment spam is something that is a frustrating problem along with online presence. Spam can damage your authority with search engines and website visitors. So warding off spam can benefit your business to a great extent! Nowadays WordPress anti-spam plugins are abundant, but it can be quite a daunting job to find out the right plugin in order to guard your WordPress website from frequent spam comments. Here we’re going to discuss on top 10 anti-spam WordPress plugins, which may protect your WordPress website from attack of spams.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

1. Akismet

Akismet is one of the trendiest anti-spam plugins for the WordPress along with more than 22 millions download. Firstly sign up for account, pick an Akismet plan, and acquire API key for activating your subscription.  After configuration of API key, Akismet begins to function. Akishmet actually appears pre-installed on every new WP installation, well-built and managed by WordPress owner. It has the capacity to block the comment spam automatically on the WP blog. Akismet is available free for personal use, but you require paying $5-$50 per month for commercial websites.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

2. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

This anti-spam plugin applies two kinds of layers- Algorithmic layer and JavaScript/Cookies layer that are aimed to filter out every single spam. They are permitted to include a comment on your website, but if it goes with spam checklists, then that particular comment won’t even reach your inbox. The readers or the website owner cannot identify the spam presence as it directly prevents them from arriving at the WP database.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

3. WordPress Zero Spam

An alternative option to the above plugin is WordPress Zero Spam. Even you don’t like trying the previous plugin for any reason, you can use this plugin as its functions are quite similar too. No use of captcha is needed, and you don’t have to get worried about any spam approaching your site. The WP Zero Spam plugin also appears manageable with the entire well-coded WordPress theme.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

4. Anti-spam by Clean Talk

This plugin blocks the comment spam as well as signup spam in WordPress site. You can freely download the plugin, but you’ll need an approach key that can be obtained straightly from CleanTalk’s servers. Though paid, but services are as much reasonable as $8 for a particular website. It also has 30-day free trial available.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

5. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin is easy and effectual for your WordPress blog. It gives an opportunity to include your comment section and inquire the users for verifying that they aren’t spammer. Thus this plugin is appropriate for connecting your visitors as it includes checkbox method.      

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

6. WangGuard

Being a free anti-spam plugin, WangGuard can obstruct spam registrations on your WP website. WangGuard has the capacity to keep your website away from any spam users from doing registration into new accounts. It has a strong set of options for eradicating the mass spam registrations on your site.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins

7. Antispam bee

Antispam bee plugin is considered as a helpful and consistent one which stops your blog from the spam comments as well as trackbacks. You can not only fight off spam comments but also maintain your website secure from the spam comments. The plugin will also send email notifications about the spam comments to the users and automatically keeps your spam folder dirt free.

Top 10 Anti-Spam WordPress Plugins


WP-reCAPTCHA, which is WordPress version of reCAPTCHA, provides you the power exercised against the spammers by likes of Facebook and Google. This plugin disfigures wordings to craft new images which eradicate all the spammers.

9. SPAM Free WordPress

This is yet another anti-spam plugin which guarantees to maintain your website free from unwanted spam. It can stop the automated spam. It lets the users to select whether they would want to eliminate spam in an automatic way that can save time too. Its features involve low database loafing in important server traffic, zero-reliance on CAPTACHA, and IP address blacklisting.

10. Spam Stopper

With the help of Spam Stopper plugin, the spam can be brought to a halt. It utilizes CAPTCHA verification process for testing and authenticating all the comments left by your users. If any spam comment is identified, it will track and stop it at that moment. This plugin is simple to set up and after that it runs smoothly. It aims spambots which attacks blogs with many junks.

Therefore, with the above efficient anti-spam WordPress plugins, you can stay away from the unnecessary spam comments hitting your website often! These worthy plugins will also assist you in perking up your ranking position on Google and offer an excellent user experience with your WP site.

How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

How to invite Friends on WordPressIt is rational and sensible thinking to invite someone creative mind persons to share his experience with community. If you like to invite contributors/subscribers/editors to handle blog posts, pages and comments on your blog.So, don’t be worried and take the comfort breath. Just you need to do follow my steps with consideration. If your blog is public so, anyone can follow/register on it and start guest posting with ease. Otherwise need to invite bloggers as a contributor, editors or any role, which you like to assign him. Today, we will talk about “Invite friends on WordPress blog“.

Invite Friends on WordPress Blog:

Hopefully, You have many of these friends on social media sites and on other networks. First you need install Invite Friends to Register plugin. After installation procedure then it’s time to slightly settings. Go to Dashboard >> Settings >> Invite Friends.

How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

All settings can be seen in the above given image. Simply modify or alter the email and in which accomplish your requirements. Keep remember that, in the above email form have numbers of tokens %sitename% %siteurl% %friendname% etc. Last option is Redirect URL, It could be an admin page or registration page for friends and invited guest. It is depends on your strategy and occasions. All email form elements  are editable according to your requirement or needs.

After manipulate your email structure, Goto Users >> Invite Friends.

How to invite Friends on WordPress Blog

We approximately expressed the process in the above image. When you press Send Invitation button, Your invitation would be sent automatically to receiver. Try to send maximum invitations, You can utilize your Gmail contacts for that purpose.

Now it’s your turn to send invitations to your friends entirely list. If you still have problem, while plugin installation, settings & configuration, undefined errors or bugs, then you may leave you comment below. 😉

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content

Every blogger have keeps the ambitions with their blogs carrier. They want high CTR (Click Through Rate) with high CPC (Cost Per Click) rates. For this achievement, They adopt hundreds of ways and tries to optimize it. First you need to know about Ads placement on website according to rules and regulation.

I already told you about ads placement inside your post content but question is arise here is that, How we can insert ads inside post paragraph because post paragraphs are the most precious places, Where CTR is much higher than other places.

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content:

In WordPress, We utilize a plugin name is ‘Insert Post Ads’ developed by WPBeginner. This plugin is quite simple and user-friendly interface.

With this plugin, Insert ads in post content is handy instead of tricky. Before Go ahead, You need to install this fabulous plugin on your WordPress then just activate it. After done the installation procedure. Now you are capable to add ads and run your ads through this plugin. You see the below image to understand the insertion of ads procedure.

How to Put Ads in WordPress Post Content

In the above image, We express the whole procedure of insertion ads inside post content. No need to other configuration just insert your ads code and publish the ads. After publish ads Go to Insert Post Ads plugin setting and in display ad section check post and pages. After doing so, leave the other settings. This ads plugin is reliable and easy to use interface. You can use exclude option in settings for more enhancement.

Let us know that, If you have better ideas or skills to insert ads inside post manually or with plugin so, You can share these ideas with us. Hopefully, You understand the criteria of this simple plugin. If you have any argue regarding to this topic so you can discuss your issues or question in below comment box.

W3 total cache settings & Configuration

W3 total cache settings & Configuration

W3 total cache settings and configuration is extremely important part to improve performance on server-side  and boost your website loading speed. W3 total cache recommended by hosting companies like HostGator,, Dream host, and trusted by numerous companies like,,, and hundred of others. W3 total cache increase server performance and reduce download time and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) combination. Keep remember that, before begin this settings, you may check your website/blog speed on Google Speed insights or Pingdom tool. Note the speed before installing this plugin and check after installed. Pingdom analyses screenshot.


You must check your website on Google Speed insights. We will install W3 cache step by step in our WordPress panel and configure it with ease.

Step 1:

Login >> your WordPress Goto >> Plugins section  and click on Add New.

W3 cache total setting s

Step 2:

Write W3 total cache >> then search .

W3 cache total setting s

Step 3:

Next >> Click on Install Now Link which are appear below screenshot. Keep remember choose By Frederick Townes.  

W3 cache total setting s

Step 4:

Simply Next >> Click on Activate Plugin Link.

W3 cache total setting s

Step 5:

After Installation you will get a new option under WordPress sidebar menu name Performance. In Performance Option click on General Settings.

W3 cache total settings

Step 6:

Finally you Need to import W3 total cache settings in the import/Export Section. 

W3 cache total settings

Step 7:

Download W3 total cache settings and import it simply. And finally press upload button.

W3 cache total settings

W3 cache total settings

Watch Video Tutorial Complete guidance:

Hope this article will help you. If you found any error while installation and configuration so you may discuss in comments, Your feedback is respectful for us.